Tokiwadai Middle School

Tokiwadai Middle School is a female-exclusive school in Academy City. It is currently one of the top 5 schools of Academy City and is said to be the most renowned girl's school in the world. It has also sparked an international incident when it became public knowledge that it allowed entry for someone that's from a royal family for a past student. Tokiwadai is known for having strict requirements to gain entry into the school and, thus, a small student body attending classes there. The students of Tokiwadai are known for usually having an 'ojou-sama' like air to them, making them distinctive from other female students in Academy City…or so the rumor goes anyway. They are also instructed to wear their uniforms, even on their days off, to show school spirit and what school they go to.

Student Demographics

Entry requirement to Tokiwadai Middle School is esper ability of Level 3 or higher, and the school currently have less than 200 students because of this. It is highly probable that only wealthy girls are able to attend the academy, as is the reason why the other students of Academy City seem to view Tokiwadai students as having ojou-sama qualities. One permitted within Tokiwadai, a student must maintain their esper ability Level as well as a decent grades or risk being thrown out of the school. Each of the dormitories also has a dorm supervisor who is in charge of the espers in their respective dormitories and ensuring they present themselves in a lady-like fashion.


Tokiwadai is located in the School Garden, an area inside Academy City's district 7 consisting of Tokiwadai, four other girl's schools, and Azabu Academy, with a shopping area dedicated to the rich young teens. The school is fairly large, other than the main building which probably holds its classrooms, it also holds a track and field area and also a large swimming pool. The school also contains a showering area.

Tokiwadai has two dormitories, one of them is outside of the School Garden where it shares a plot of land with Azabu Academy and the other one which is in the School Garden where younger students are encouraged to stay. Those in the first dormitory are expected to be able to take care of themselves and stay out of trouble.

Tokiwadai Characters

Kasusa Sakurako
Kanazuchi Kazumi
Harada Rin
Yagami Meiryoku