This page is merely a place for players to look up the terminology of the Railgun setting in one convenient place. All of this information is placed here from the To Aru Majutsu no Index Wiki page, no credit is claimed for the work required to type it up. Included with each link is a brief description to give the general idea behind each term. Each link also contains references to the canon, but these specific examples may not always be applicable to RailgunITP.

  • AIM: An Involuntary Movement (AIM) is a term used to refer to the phenomena in which an esper involuntarily produces an invisible energy field that all espers involuntarily produce.
  • AIM Dispersion Field: AIM Dispersion Field Resonance is an AIM-related phenomena in which an ESPer's powers resonate with other espers.
  • Child Error: Child Error is a term used to refer to children who for various reasons were abandoned by their parents or guardians in Academy City. In layman's terms they are orphans that are residing within Academy City. Child Errors range from powerless Level 0s to higher leveled espers.
  • Gemstone: A Gemstone is the term used to describe an ESPer who was born with their powers. There are few of them in the world and many aspects of their powers can't be described using scientific methods. In difference with artificially developed ESPers the gemstones emits larger amounts of AIM field from their bodies.
  • Power Curriculum Program: The Academy City's Power Curriculum Program is a large-scale program designed to advance a person's psychic or supernatural powers.
  • Power User: A Power User, ESPer, Psychic or Ability User is a person who has gone through the Power Curriculum Program and is theoretically capable of displaying a psychic ability; these individuals are given ratings of Level 0 through Level 5 by Academy City in an attempt to rank how powerful their ability is. ((Link contains list of canon characters who can be used for inspiration))
  • RSPK Syndrome: Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis Syndrome (RSPK Syndrome) is a term used to refer a condition that affects the espers of Academy City, wherein an esper loses control over themselves, causing a subconscious and uncontrollable outburst of power. The manifestation of this phenomena varies by esper at an individual level.
  • System Scan: The System Scan is a regular city-wide testing event in Academy City to determine the power levels of the espers with it, and is part of the Power Curriculum Program. Each esper is given a different type of test depending on their esper power. The test then determines how powerful their ability and/or how much control they have over it.
  • Tree Diagram: The Tree Diagram was a super-computer which, according to the best renowned scientists in Academy City, is the best in the world. This computer was loaded into the satellite, Orihime 1, to monitor many aspects of the city such as weather patterns and security. Once a month, it predicts the movement of the particles in the atmosphere of the entire globe and calculates one month's worth of weather in one go