Powers List

Before you make a new ESPer character, please refer to this list of already taken powers to avoid overlap.

Powers List

Communication with animals (falcons) (Animal Empathy (Falcon)): Sato Catarino [Mazimum Zersk]

Control/reprogram electronics (Technokinesis): Sato Cici [Mazimum Zersk]

Analysis and control over organic compounds (Blood Control): Fujii Hinata [Frozen Feet]

Control over the optimal course of causality (Continuum Shift): Hazuma Takeshi [Innis Cabal]

Exertion of equal and opposite force (Neutral Force): Hitsushi Tsutomu [Shades of Gray]

Telepathy and control over higher brain functions (Open Mind): Jane Walker [Lillith]

Forced pleasure sensations (Bliss Maker): Kan Kei [Nothingclever]

Teleportation of self and nearby objects (Instant Teleportation): Kasusa Sakurako [Callos de Terran]

Conversion of matter into an inert substance (Dissolution): Kiyoshi Jirou [Anyr]

Fine telekinetic control over matter, rapid analysis and understanding of mechanical constructs (Machine Affinity): Rose Waterpool [Purple Rose]

Remote sensing (Ghost): Tennori Masahito [13 CBS]

Control over electricity (Electrokinesis): Fushichou Souji [Terry576]

Pyrokinesis, ability to raise the thermal energy in matter (Burn Out): Yagami Meiryoku [Moon Wolf]

Manipulation of local relativity for increasing movement speed (Relativity Changing): Yamamoto Katsu [Keveak]

Localized manipulation of gravity (Gravity Manipulation): Yuki Toshi [Riccaru]

Manipulation of rate and direction of plant growth (Chloro Marionette): Morio Hajjime [Inyuthebeatis]

Generation of photons (Radiance Genesis): Harada Rin [Vael]

Structural reinforcement of the body, stamina boost (Enduring Bastion): Kanazuchi Kazumi

Redirection of photons (Optic Refraction): Seiko Intoku [Arkturus]

Rearrangement of the molecular structure of matter (Mend): Hazuma Alanna [Da Mongoose]

Hydrokinesis; control over the viscosity, density, and state of water (Tidal Wave): Macarius Amann [Da Mongoose]

Density control of Gasses (Solid Air): Cale Schmirnovich [Rhydeble]

Manipulation of sound waves (Change Waveform): Walter Wolfe [ace_cipher_zero]

Translocation, possibly destruction, of energy (Entropic Engine): Marcielle Miavette [marcielle]

Manipuation of personal flow through time (Chrono Trigger): Nick Orion [nyttyn]

Manipulation of Momentum (Charge Action): Nimori Shougo [Lord-Cao-Cao]

Hammerspace Lungs (Breath Hammer): Kamakura Mei [Lord-Cao-Cao]

Spatial Switching (Coordinate Twist): Shirogane Ren [Atrum-Persavor]

CyroKinesis (Sheer Cold) : Ishida Tobio [AnimeKid]

Dimensional Mastery (Infinity Edge) : Fukui Yori [Duos]

Dimensional Conversion/Diversion (Simulacrum) : Keishi Benjamin [Parrex]

Control over all metals, known and unknown (Metallokinesis): Matsuda Ryuji [AnimeKid]

Transfer and Conversion of energy (Flow/Shift Pulse): Asakura Jin [Atrum-Persavor]

AIM Field Manipulation (AIM Resonance): Akiyama Shiho [Felyndiira]

Creation of Wind Blast Points (Sylph Point): Shinohara Rie [Felyndiira]