Kadokado Café

Kadokado Café is the hang-out spot for a large number of District 7 and District 13 students. What began as a humble coffee shop grew to a huge three-story café serving all sorts of popular beverages and snacks, and though Patisserie Joyeux is very frequently visited, it is at Kadokado Café where Academy City students lounge and relax, gossiping away the day's grievances and leveling up their Creature Chaser characters together. Although Kadokado is technically located in District 7, it is sufficiently close enough to District 13 that many Onizuka Middle School students go there anyway.

The owner of the store is the shrewd, charismatic, enterprising and slightly creepy Ms. Futae Yoshikawa ("Just call me Fu-chan!"), who is a cheerful young lady who knows everyone's name and never, ever seems to not be smiling or looking into your soul with her piercing red eyes


Each story in Kadokado caters to specific demographic and has a different "feel", and has its own beverage-making facility serving drinks more suited to that demographic. Customers can access each floor via a flight of stairs or, thanks to a recent renovation, a small elevator.

First Floor
The first floor is a quiet, old fashioned coffee shop, remnants from Kadokado's simple origins. Most of the customers seen there are teachers, professors, the elderly, and people who want a more peaceful environment in which they can drink and relax. Beverages served here include bottled water and assorted Eastern and Western blend traditional teas and coffee.

Second Floor
The second floor is a rowdier, more modernized place, and was the first expansion that Ms. Futae made. It is designed to the tastes of the average 21st century teenager; clean booths, popular music playing in the background, sugary Starbucks-esque beverages with lots of whipped cream on top flowing like water. Most of the customers here are your regular middle/high school students. Beverages served here include punches, lattes, frappuccinos, and hot chocolate. Recently, the second floor has begun serving snacks such as frozen yogurt, parfaits, and crepés (though only diehard Kadokado fans would claim that they like Kado Crepés better than Joyeux Crepés…).

Third Floor
The third floor is the most recent expansion to Kadokado made by Ms. Futae, and was designed to capitalize on the recent Internet Café fad. Most of the customers here are gamers and otaku, with a small but dedicated number of elementary school kids frequenting the floor for their Nontenda DS gatherings. Customers are encouraged to bring their own headphones with them, as the floor can get rather loud. Most of the beverages served here are sodas and energy drinks, while snacks consist of mostly chips and other finger foods.

According to those closest to Futae, Kadokado may be adding a basement karaoke floor. This floor will be selling beer and sake, though Yoshikawa assures customers (and their parents) that she will be certain to card minors.