Judgment is a term used to refer to Academy City's student-based disciplinary committee. They are composed of students of varying grade levels and power and, along with Anti-Skill, are tasked to maintain peace-and-order within the school system. Judgment members can be recognized by the green stripped arm band with a shield symbol they wear.


As most of the city population are students, it is the duty of Judgment to catch those delinquents misusing their powers along with other offenders and protect the students. They can arrest criminals, though only Anti-Skill can formally take them into custody.

In the event of a situation that Judgment members cannot handle the Anti-Skill will take over. Overall, the role of a Judgment officer is more like a part-time civilian patrol officer and are often used in community services, such as cleaning garbage from the streets (when cleaning bots are unavailable), helping locate lost objects, traffic duty, etc.

Their authority is normally limited to their school grounds and districts a Judgment are assigned; a member of another branch can request the Judgment branch that has control of an area to temporarily extend their jurisdiction in that area. They can only use their authority outside when ordered to by their superiors or in cases of emergency.


Joining Judgment's ranks requires one only to be an Academy City student, though it is unknown what the minimum age requirement is, as elementary students are allowed to join their ranks. Also, recruits need to pass 13 different kinds of tryouts and training (which includes going to Judgment Training Center to train) lasting for 4 months, and sign 9 contracts, before formally becoming a member of Judgment.

Younger members of Judgment are partnered with older members to patrol the city, though when one reaches a certain age, a member is allowed to patrol alone or form partners with other members of the same branch. During large-scale operations, several members of Judgment of the same branch can form a group for patrols.

There are at least 177 currently known Judgment branches in Academy City, and each branch has it's own captain.


Clothing: All members of Judgment are required to wear their armband, which bears the Judgment symbol, during operations; however, they can also keep it hidden, when they want to be discreet and don't want to draw attention to themselves.

Safety gear: They can also utilize Anti-Skill's riot shields, as well helmets.

Other equipment:Judgment members are equipped with handcuffs that are used for restraining criminals. They can also use signal flares, as to clear an area of civilians. Judgment has also access to a variety of equipment in analyzing a crime scene.

Judgment Characters

Hazuma Takeshi
Hitsushi Tsutomu
Kasusa Sakurako
Yagami Meiryoku
Kan Kei
Shirogane Ren
Kamakura Mei