Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri

Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri (Genuine Japanese Cuisine) is a well known eatery among Academy City students, famous for its sloppy yet somehow tasty Japanese comfort food, and, despite its name, rather greasy yet also mysteriously delicious Western junk food. As most students are simply glad to be able to sit down to a nice hot meal at the end of a long school day, no body questions the cooking (the fact that the owner, the half-Japanese half-Chinese Ms. Sanin Yoshikawa is always grumpy and almost always drunk helps to stifle any thorough investigations into the food). It is located only a few blocks from Onizuka Middle School, and is a frequent meeting spot for older high school students, often male. Adults from organizations such as the Anti-Skill also like to relax here between shifts, since it is one of the few places in Academy City that offers both filling, tasty meals and alcohol. Roughly 1/4th of the tables are capable of hosting Yakiniku (Korean barbeque) dinners.

Because the establishment is not exactly high class, is further away from School Garden, and is relatively rowdy, students from the more prestigious schools do not make up the majority of the clientele, though many of them still visit Hongaku nonetheless.

Customers should take note to refer to the owner, Ms. Sanin Yoshikawa, either as "Ms. Yoshikawa" or "Ms. Sanin", the Japanese pronounciation of her Chinese first name. She strongly dislikes it if she is called "Mitsune", and may become violently drunk and angry if referred to as such ("My name is San! In! Okay?! Repeat after me! San! IN!").


Hongakutei Nihon Ryouri offers customers a very wide variety of foods, most of them greasy. The cuisine focuses on Japanese and Western comfort foods, with yakiniku thrown in.

Takoyaki1 6 pieces: 280 yen
Yakitori2, 2 sticks: 380 yen
Shuumai3, 7 pieces: 300 yen
Oden4, 5 pieces: 300 yen
Gyoza5, 7 pieces:340 yen
Kushikatsu6, 2 sticks: 430 yen
Tenpura7, 6 pieces (includes 2 fried shrimp): 480 yen
Karaage8, 4 pieces: 490 yen
Unagi9 on a stick: 470 yen
Croquette10, 2 pieces: 480 yen
French Fries: 200 yen (small), 300 yen (medium), 400 yen (large)
Onigiri11, 4 pieces: 270 yen
Nachos: 340 (small), 420 (medium), 600 (large) (includes ground beef, melted cheese)
Chicken fingers: 670 yen (4 pieces)
Miso12 soup: 200 yen
Plain rice: 100 yen

Kitsune Udon13: 700 yen
Tenpura Udon14: 740 yen
Curry Udon: 730 yen
Plain Udon: 680 yen
Miso Ramen: 600 yen
Tonkotsu15 Ramen: 730 yen
Kankoku16 Ramen: 620 yen
Spaghetti: 730 yen (with meat sauce: +80 yen) (with meatballs, 6 pieces: +120 yen)
Cold Soba17: 400 yen
Hot Soba bowl: 430 yen

(All Teriyaki dishes include a bowl of rice, a salad, and miso soup)
Beef: 820 yen
Chicken: 780 yen
Pork: 800 yen
Fish: 740 yen (includes choice of buri (Yellowtail), kajiki (Marlin), maguro (Tuna), sake (Salmon), masu (Trout), saba (Mackerel))
Squid: 770 yen

Lunch and Dinner Specials
Beef and Curry on Rice: 780 yen
Pork and Curry on Rice: 740 yen
Chicken and Curry on Rice: 720 yen
Tonkatsu18: 840 yen (includes side of rice, coleslaw)
Menchi Katsu19: 840 yen (includes side of rice, coleslaw)
Gyou Katsu20: 900 yen (includes side of rice, coleslaw)
Ebi Furai21: 880 yen (includes side of rice, coleslaw)
Buri Furai: 840 yen (includes side of rice, coleslaw)
Gyuudon22: 920 yen (includes bowl of miso soup)
Katsudon23: 900 yen (includes bowl of miso soup)
Unagidon24: 1000 yen (includes bowl of miso soup)
Hamburger: 440 yen
Cheeseburger: 470 yen
Double Hamburger: 730 yen
Double Cheeseburger: 770 yen
Sanin Ultra Special China-Sized Mega Burger XL: 3000 yen
Teriyaki Burger25: 540 yen
Tonkatsu Sandwich: 590 yen
Menchi Katsu Burger: 570 yen
Hayashi Rice26: 780 yen
Okonomiyaki27: 490 yen
T Bone Steak: 1900 yen
Cheese Pizza: 200 yen (per slice)
Pepperoni Pizza: 280 yen (per slice)
Seafood Pizza: 300 yen (per slice)
Ham & Cheese Pizza: 270 yen (per slice)
Grilled Cheese & Bowl of Tomato Soup: 490 yen

Party Specials
Yosenabe28: 2000 yen (for 4 people)
Yosenabe Mini: 1200 yen (for 2 people)
Yosenabe Super: 3000 yen (for 6 people)
Sukiyaki29: 1970 yen (for 4 people)
Sukiyaki Mini: 1000 yen (for 2 people)
Sukiyaki Super: 2800 yen (for 6 people)
Shabu Shabu30: 2100 yen (for 4 people)
Shabu Shabu mini: 1300 yen (for 2 people)
Shabu Shabu Super: 2800 yen (for 6 people)
Yakiniku31: 1000 yen (per person)
Cheese Pizza: 1800 yen (per pie)
Pepperoni Pizza: 2000 yen (per pie)
Seafood Pizza: 2020 yen (per pie)
Ham & Cheese Pizza: 2010 yen (per pie)

Canned soda: 70 yen (Cola, Sprite, Pocari Sweat)
Domestic Beer: 240 yen (per bottle)
Imported Beer: 490 yen (per bottle)
Sake: 230 yen (small), 480 (large)

Sanin Ultra Special China-Sized Mega Burger XL

The Sanin Ultra Special China-Sized Mega Burger XL used to be part of a special promotion advertisement run by Hongaku. If you could eat the colossal, 3 pound (1.36 kg) burger within 40 minutes, you got the meal for free. This worked well for some time and netted Hongaku a fair bit of new clientele until a certain burger loving middle school girl ate one in 10 minutes and asked for seconds. The special deal was discontinued afterwards, though the burger itself still exists on the menu.

Ms. Sanin, on the other hand, was reportedly seen as being "rather bitter" after the discontinuation of the The Sanin Ultra Special China-Sized Mega Burger XL contest.