Yuuma Saitou

Azabu Academy

Family Name Saitou
Given Name Yuuma
Aliases (none)
Level 3
Gender Male
Age 15


Long slightly wavy black hair
clear complexion
Mahogany colored brown eyes


Carefree and easy going, he has a bad habit of hitting on girls as a form of greeting which has gotten him more than once in a bit of trouble. Unless something interests him chances are he will pay it no heed, preferring to spend his time chasing things that he deems important.


He can take a hit pretty well, and he's a master at running away, several schools had tried to recruit him for track in the past. He also is thoroughly trained in martial arts to the point where he made a small name for himself in his local area before his parents made him quite due to it's "inelegance."

Esper Ability Void Current

Basic Function Manipulation of Air currents

Description of the power at it's most basic
Adjust the flow of air to create a vacuum.

Additional Uses

can be used to freely manipulate the wind. Creating tornadoes, hurricanes, and even more unnatural forms of wind. As well as the ability to adjust the shape of, or even freely move the pockets of vacuum.

Physical Traits

Any significant physicall trait not gained from psychic power
Physical Ability: Runs fast, has a pretty good stamina. He's very agile and dextrous as well. After much physical punishment from Koto he's learned to take blows as well as a pretty high level skill in martial arts, although he rarely shows this off.

Mental Traits

Any significant mental trait not gained from psychic power
Mental Trait: He's able to play the fool pretty well, and tends to have a natural ability to calculate the mood of situations/people.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
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