Yuki Toshi

Onizuka School

Family Name Toshi
Given Name Yuki
Aliases Armand
Level 2-3
Gender Male
Age 15

Appearance: Yuki is a pale and somewhat sickly looking young man. His eyes are a dull blue color and his hair lacks any noticeable shine or luster. His hair is a dull light brown and comes to slightly over his eyes in the front. He rarely combs his hair as well. His typical outfit is an old loose gray hooded sweatshirt. The color is faded from the shirt but what seems like a discolored red dragon can be seen on the front. For bottoms he wears lined black pants, staving off the cold. Yuki can often be seen with a quite large duffel bag on his person, and often wears dull gray shoes.

Personality: Despite his somewhat dreary dressings, Yuki will often try to gain the attention of people through other means, I.E. throwing things at them. Less often he will hide in a nearly unreachable place and sit alone, watching the city continue without him for long periods, as if he was never there.

Power: Gravity Manipulation - Yuki has the ability as a level two ESPer to shift gravity for himself in any direction he chooses, so long as he is touching a solid object on that plane. He will most often use this to climb vertical surfaces or even stand upside down on a ceiling. His power protects him from minor vertigo and blood pooling in any one part of his body. Toshi can also shift gravity to a lesser or higher variable in his immediate area. This shift can change gravity to between -10.79 m/s to -8.83 m/s (Normal is -9.81 m/s, for a change of +/- 10%).

RSPK: Yuki has a mild case of RSPK syndrome. The ailment manifests itself by causing fragile objects to crumble under their own weight or causing light objects to float momentarily.

Physical traits:
Weak bodied: Yuki gets sick quite easily as he has a slight immune deficiency. He is often seen with a cold or other minor ailment.

Mental traits:
English speaking: Yuki knows a little English, just enough to survive on hotdogs and coca cola. He learned what little he knows from translated Heavy/Death metal songs.

Fast reader: Yuki often reads to himself during classes, he has to fight to stay with the class on a daily basis.

Notable equipment:
Cell phone: Yuki carries a phone around with him, though he rarely gets calls. He keeps hoping for a number to show up that’s not a telemarketer.
Nerf gun: In Yuki’s bag are two Nerf guns, the Longshot CS-6 and the Maverick Rev-6. He sometimes has a Raider as well.