Yoshikawa Sanin

Owner of Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri

Family Name Yoshikawa (善川)
Given Name Sanin (三音)
Aliases Mitsune (though this is not recommended)
Level Human
Gender Female
Age 24


Sanin appears as a young Japanese woman of average height. She has, if not outright beautiful, at least a very pretty face (marred by an ever present grumpy frown) and tends to wear her shoulder length hair in a messy ponytail. Sanin prefers to wear a halfway zipped jersey jacket over a white shirt stained with alcohol along with track pants. She generally has a drunken, sloppy look about her, even when completely sober (which is rare).


Grumpy, bitter, jealous; Sanin is not perhaps the most pleasant person to be around. Nonetheless, she is rarely cruel (if a bit self-absorbed) and is a very hard worker.

Just don't call her "Mitsune" (the Japanese pronounciation of the characters making up her first name).

No, really, don't.


Physical Traits

Skilled Chef: Sanin has a knack for cooking a wide variety of Japanese and Western foods. She prefers to make greasy comfort foods, however, and due to her general sloppy nature the resultant food looks a little messy.

Mental Traits

Infinite Rage: For the love of god, don't call her Mitsune. People have died making that mistake. Many of them.

Notable Equipment:

Sake Bottle She always carries one around on her person. Great for drinking out of, or smacking around annoying people.