Yoshikawa Hitomi

Owner of Patisserie Joyeux

Family Name Yoshikawa
Given Name Hitomi (一光)
Aliases Hi-cchan
Level 0: no psychic powers to speak of.
Gender Female
Age 24


Hitomi appears as a young Japanese woman of average height. She has, if not outright beautiful, at least a very pretty face and tends to wear her middle-of-the-back length hair in a low ponytail. Hitomi prefers to wear long sleeve blouses and long skirts, weather permitting, and due to the nature of her work often wears an apron and a chef's hat.

According to Academy City denizens, she looks almost identical to Futae Yoshikawa and Sanmin "Mitsune" Yoshikawa, though she denies being related to either of them.


Kind, gentle, and warm. She is very easy to talk to, though she tends to use relatively politer forms of speech. It is rare to see her without at least a hint of a friendly smile on her face.


Physical Traits

Master Pastry Chef: There are almost no pastries in the world that Hitomi does not know how to make. And of course, her baked goods are quite heavenly to eat.