Yoshikawa Futae

Owner of Kadokado Café

Family Name Yoshikawa
Given Name Futae
Aliases Fu-chan (according to herself)
Level Human
Gender Female
Age 24


Futae appears as a young Japanese woman of average height. She has, if not outright beautiful, at least a very pretty face and tends to wear her shoulder length hair in a high ponytail that fans out, giving her a pseudo-mane. Futae prefers to wear a short-sleeved button-up collared shirt, with the shirt buttoned down enough to show off some cleavage, and long torn jeans.

Her most notable features are her red eyes, which are large and piercing. Futae has a tendency to stare deeply into people's eyes, as though she were looking straight into that person's soul.


Futae seems at first to be a cheerful, fun-loving young woman. However, she has a tendency to drop pieces of information that, upon reflection, can be disturbingly creepy or disturbingly insightful. She also seems to lack a clear sense of personal space.


Mental Traits

Spirit of Entrepreneurship: The main reason why Kadokado Café has so many different features and is constantly expanding is because of Futae's enterprising nature. Kadokado is her favorite hobby, and she likes to keep things interesting.

Business Sense: The main reason why Kadokado Café hasn't gone bankrupt despite Futae's constant expansion is because Futae has a keen sense for what sells and what doesn't. She'd be much more wealthier if it wasn't for her constant upgrades to Kadokado…