Yamamoto Katsu

Azabu Academy

Family Name Yamamoto
Given Name Katsu
Aliases Runner
Level 3
Gender Male
Age 14


Katsu is a skinny kid with dark brown hair that reaches below his shoulders and a worn but otherwise unaltered school uniform. When out of uniform he is usually seen in a pair of jeans worn enough to have holes at the knees and a band t-shirt. He always wear blue and black running shoes. His posture ranges between laid-back and straight out arrogance, no doubt related to his powers.


Katsu is a bit of a trickster and have little apparent respect for others private space and right to keep their hat on.
he is an avid explorer of hard-to-reach places and places he shouldn't explorer, such as roofs and people's rooms.

Katsu is a dreamer at heart and takes his education serious enough to get decent grades. he will sometimes speak of what he want to do when he gets old enough but most of the time his dreams are focused at what wonders might be beyond the tall fence he is climbing. Some find him hard to follow because of this.


Esper Ability Relativity Changing

Basic Function

Katsu can change how relativity affects him on a few basic levels: Density as approaching light speed occurs much faster subconsciously and with no visible harmful side-effects and the energy needed to reach high speeds can be altered at will for Katsu and anything else in his AIM field, this includes his own sense of perception as he perceives the world as going slower to almost the same level as he can move.

In other words: He can travel at speeds that are just around the speed of sound and yet be perfectly safe and attentive.

Additional Uses

Reading and similar tasks can be done in less time.

Physical Traits

Athletic: Katsu is very athletic and agile as a result of running about and trying to reach the weirdest places.
Balance: Katsu has exceptional balance for similar reasons to above.
Weak: Katsu is neither a heave lifter nor a brawler and fail spectacularly when confronted with a heavy object to carry or a direct hit.

Mental Traits

Quick: Katsu learns very quickly and reads even quicker as a side-effect of his powers, still find it immensely boring to read math anyway.
Impatient: Katsu have fallen asleep during long lectures a few times but usually manages to take notes most times he stay awake.

Notable Equipment:

Chewing Gum: Always carries a pack or two around, even though he's not especially fond of chewing gum.