Walter Williamson

Onizuka Middle School, Judgement

Family Name Williamson,
Given Name Walter
Aliases None
Level 2
Gender Male
Age 14


Walter stands about 6 feet tall, and has a medium build. His straight, brown hair isn't all that remarkable, nor are his dark chestnut eyes, nor his pale skin. What stands out about him is the manner in which he holds himself: even when standing at attention, his body seems to radiate a sense of easygoingness, in spite of how strictly he sticks to the school dress code (although casually he does tend to dress down quite a bit, often in jeans/shorts, and a t-shirt/hoodie.)


Walter is, not surprising, often very easygoing. He's got live-and-let-live attitude towards most people, though if someone does chose to approach him, he rarely turns down company (especially when alone). Sadly, since coming to the academy, he's not had that many people come up to him, and recently has started to become a bit more outgoing himself to compensate for this change from his familiar home. Often those who have talked to him have seen a fairly gentle, smiling boy, who is able to fully realise the dream of having life as a grand adventure, and has a bit of wit to him to keep things down-to-earth.


Change Waveform

Walter is relatively new to academy town, but the training at Onizuka has already lent him use of his sonic-focused powers. He can take either active or ambient sound waves and make them harmonize to his will by selectively combining them to make a wave with the right combination of pitch, volume, etc. that he wants. This is most easy for him to do with an already existing strong sound wave — for instance, the first truly practical use of his power he discovered was to correct off notes when he played harmonica; another was that he could hum along to music he played on guitar and create significant amplification that way. He soon discovered he could do the same things with ripples in water, stacking them to make a larger wave, or overlapping them to make a still surface. These relatively easy feats he can do fairly continuously for up to 20 minutes, so long as he does not stray too far from the unattenuated sounds (otherwise he has worn himself out in less than four minutes trying to play Voodoo Child, distortion and all, on an acoustic guitar); after that, he needs a short rest to regain focus.

Lately though his powers have also manifested the ability to produce high-pitched sounds to disorient people, and (the dream of any teenage boy with such a power) shatter thin glass. His lower range for amplification seems to be around that of a subwoofer; the loudest he has yet to reach is around 70dB, about as loud as an average car; this note was sustained for a good 45 seconds without pushing the limits of the power. The high-pitched disorientation blast is significantly more taxing, and he has yet to push them farther than two minutes (he does not know his limits for shattering glass, being a fairly instantaneous omnidirectional burst).

He is somewhat hesitant to push himself too hard, as he has experienced sometimes harmonic vibrations resonating throughout his body when very stressed, resulting in several sprained joints (as the bones resonated at a frequency for long enough to cause damage) and short-term back pain a bit afterwards (these two do not have to be mutual, however). Oddly his eardrums and vocal cords do not show signs of damage after these resonant events.

Note: all of the figures given are for modifying a sound wave already existing that is somewhat similar to the desired outcome— IE, a high-pitched hum for shattering glass and causing disorientation, a low loud throb for a low-frequency wave, etc. Walter has not tested his ability to spontaneously create complex sounds from ambient noise; he has been able to sustain an unwavering buzz for only 45 seconds in the past. Similarly, having to greatly distort a sound wave is also highly taxing on his stamina (see the Voodoo Child incident).

Physical Traits

First Aid Training: Having been a Boy Scout, he has a good knowledge of basic first aid and how to help the wounded.
Musical Talent: Even before coming to Academy City, he knew how to play a few songs on harmonica and guitar. He also is trained on String Bass, but does not have one in his possession to play.
Good Swimmer: Walter has an affinity for watersports, having grown up in hot Southern California.

Mental Traits

Keen Ear: Walter can detect very slight changes between two tones, and has a very good hearing range (conversely, most mp3s sound horrible and hollow to his ear).
Amateur Linguist: Walter has always taken an interest in a language, and has learned several: In addition to his native American English, he is already extremely close to fluent in Japanese and Icelandic (in order to sing/read Old Norse mythology), and French. He has dabbled a bit in Russian too.

Natural-born Poet: From his inspiration drawn from the realm of jazz, he has learned to be able to improvise verses on the fly (high quality, however, is not a guarantee).

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Harmonica: It plays music, and makes pretty sounds, in the key of C.
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster, Red, and fairly well used. Sometimes with him, sometimes not.