Tennori Masahito

Leader of Psyche Hunters Skill-Out gang

Family Name Tennori (佃敬)
Given Name Masahito (全智)
Aliases Boss; Ghost
Level Five
Gender Male
Age 18


For someone his age, Masahito is rather short and thin. He has short hair and tends to go about wearing some combination of t-shirt and jeans; overall, a rather nondescript appearance. His almost pitch black eyes, however, exhibit a great shrewdness, and seem to draw in all there is to see about whatever he gazes at, though of late they are also haunted by guilt and doubt.


Masahito is calculating, intelligent, and very serious when on the job. Around his fellow Psyche Hunters ("the family", as he calls it), however, he is much more easygoing; casual, even. Because of his upbringing he tends to hold on to a relatively polite way of speech, though Skill Out slang tends to leak in every once in a while. He has a tendency to regard with suspicion anyone who seems to be a level 3 or higher ESPer, and cold hatred for ESPers who bully the weak.

Recently, however, paranoia and a lack of confidence have started to creep into his personality. The recent split that formed in the Psyche Hunters, and his crushing defeat at the hands of someone he used to call a close friend, has damaged his morale and confidence.


Esper Ability: Remote Sensing (Ghost)

Basic Function

Level Five Remote Sensing allows Masahito to, in essence, shape his AIM Field into simulacra of his sensory organs, allowing him to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell has he normally could at any location within 10 miles. His senses themselves are not improved; he can simply use them at any location he chooses. At level five, his power is such that he can essentially use what most would call "Astral Projection" or an out of body experience, which is where he gets his nickname "Ghost", and allows him to detect AIM Fields and gauge their approximate power (though he must witness the ESPer's abilities first hand to know what their power actually is).

This means that usual sensor jamming tactics will not work on him. Placing Masahito in a sound proof room, however, means that he will simply use his power to set up a listening post for himself just outside the room: blinding his eyes will simply mean that he must use his powers at all times to see: a stuffy nose can also be overcome in a similar fashion. Things like smokescreens are pointless unless the target he needs to see is also inside the smokescreen, and so forth.

The primary weakness of Remote Sensing is that it mimics the senses perhaps too well; because stimuli are received and channeled to Masahito's brain through his AIM Field, overloading his senses is easily possible. If he sees something too bright, or feels something too hot or cold, or hears something too loud, or smells something unpleasant, or tastes something foul, then he will react as he would if he sensed those things with his physical organs.

Remote Sensing is also just that: Remote Sensing. He cannot directly interact with the physical world. He can see, but he can't block light with his ability: he can hear, but can't dampen sound: he can touch, but he can't apply any force to the object he's touching: and so forth.

Masahito has up to 8 "sensory slots", which is the maximum number of false sensory organs he can have active at once. The 8 slots can be filled with any combination of Sight, Smell, Hearing (including vibrations transmitted through solid objects), Taste, and Touch (including thermal sensors as well as normal texture sensing). The more sensory slots are filled up, however, the more concentration he must expend. Masahito can move around and perform normal actions at full capacity as long as he doesn't have more than 2 slots filled; up to five slots can be filled without him having to sit down and concentrate. Masahito can concentrate on 8 sensory slots at once for only an hour at a time.

Additional Uses

Such an ability has proved to be very flexible. Ghost allows him to use the following abilities:

* Lie Detection: by listening to the speaker's heartbeat and hearing how it changes, Masahito can try to see if the speaker is lying to him. Sufficiently cool headed and skilled liars can still fool this ability, however.
* Hidden Item Search: by extending his sense of touch, he can give someone a pat down without them ever knowing it, allowing Masahito to see whether or not someone his trying to hide an object in their clothing. He can search inside bags as well, though since bags are often closed he can only feel his way around the insides of the bag.
* Information Theft: he can spy on people to steal information from them. By watching people type, listening to people carelessly talk about sensitive info, and reading documents left around, he can pick up on private data that would otherwise require high risk infiltration.

Physical Traits

Athleticism: Masahito has slightly above average athleticism, a requirement for surviving in District 10. His physical strength is somewhat lacking, however, due to his skin and bones physique and lack of height.

Mental Traits

Multitasking: Because he's used to keeping track of multiple senses at once, MAsahito has learned how to divide up his concentration effectively, allowing him to keep in mind several things at once.
Papa Wolf: Don't mess with the Psyche Hunters. Don't bully the weak. Do either of those, and he will bring down the hammer upon you like a righteous god.
Charisma: Despite his unimpressive stature, Masahito has a knack for building trust among people. This has netted him a lot of friends and, later on, gang recruits.

Notable Equipment:

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