Judgment (rookie), Azabu academy

Family Name Unknown
Given Name Takeshi
Aliases None
Level 0
Gender Male
Age 14


Takeshi is the picture of masculinity. He stands at 5'8" and due to his heavy training regimen he is heavy built considering his age. His black hair is cut very short to ensure it does not impede vision on missions. He has silver eyes that sweep the room every time he enters. Takeshi is always wearing his school uniform which he is meticulous about keeping to military standards. Now that he has finally passed his last judgment exam he proudly wears his armband at all times.


Due to his secluded upbringing Takeshi is shy and tends to fall back on formality often including rank with name when addressing others. He has the deepest respect for anyone with esper abilities treating them as at least equals and anyone of rank 3 or higher as superiors. Takeshi takes his duties with judgment very seriously and will respond with "how high?" should a senior member ask him to jump. Takeshi has trained all his life to be a member of Anti-Skill and sees his experience in judgment an important step forward. Probubly due to the large amount of medical testing and experiments he has been though he has developed a lack of trust even a fear of high technology. Takeshi dreads his weekly tests to ensure his health getting visibly depressed whenever the end of the week rolls around.


Esper Ability None, Takeshi has no potential as an esper

Other Abilities

Takeshi has however been subject to the highest of medical treatments to improve his physical abilities.

Physical Traits

Incredible Fitness: Even at the age of 14 Takeshi is remarkable athletic easily placing first in track events if you don't include the espers in the listing. His guardians assure him that as he grows he will be able to surpass any non esper.

Heightened senses: Thanks to all the test Takeshi is able to see, hear, and smell about twice as well as a normal human.

Martial arts: Takeshi has been trained in numerous military grade martial arts. He has been training for as long as he can recall so has the equivalent of a black belt in the majority of them.

Firearms training: Though Takeshi has received training in handguns and anti-skill rifles he does not carry any as it would be seen as inappropriate for a middle school student and is illegal for him to use as he is not a member of anti-skill yet.

Mental Traits

Technophobia: Explained above, provokes a fight response rather then a flight.

Road knowledge: Has memorized street maps for all Academy city districts to as ensure quick response time.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Riot Shield: Carried whenever on duty because you can never be to careful.

Cell Phone: often the focus of Takeshi's rage. He absolutely hates the thing but is required to carry it by both judgment so he can be contacted for backup and by his legal guardian who is trying to break him of his technology issues. He can do no more then answer and send calls on it.