Shirogane Ren

Nagatenjouki Academy, Judgement

Family Name Shirogane
Given Name Ren
Aliases "Whitey" , "Dumpass" , "Nagatenjouki's Ice King"
Level 4
Gender Male
Age 17


178cm tall with an athletic build, dark brown hair and eyes, Ren frequently wears his school uniform for lack of a better substitute. Or rather, he doesn't like wasting time to buy casual clothes. He doesn't display his Judgement armband unless absolutely necessary.
When he does go out in casual clothes, he tends to dress lightly and loosely.


On the outside, Ren is an abrasive, cold individual who does not like to socialize with others. He has few friends, hardly interacting with anybody else if he can help it. Normally showing a detached disinterest in things that do not concern him, Ren tends to keep to his own and projects the image of a perfectly law-abiding and disciplined student. After all, he is from Judgement.

Yet, on the inside, Ren is an utter slacker. While he is a driven individual who takes his exercise and studies seriously, he is incredibly protective of his break time- something his Judgement duties seem to have a disturbingly good accuracy at interrupting.


Esper Ability

Coordinate Twist

Basic Function

Coordinate Twist is a powerful variation of teleportation that allows the user to designate areas and switch them at will (I.e. switching two 2-meter radius spheres with each other). This can be done remotely, or even blindly (at great risk, so this is almost never done without forward preparation).

Ren has to calculate areas and displacement when attempting to teleport anything(exception being his body), making usage slower than say, Shirai Kuroko from canon.

Furthermore, the ability relies extensively on reference points and pre-recorded coordinates for safe usage.

LEVEL 4: Capable of teleporting a human-sized mass up to 500m.(Comfortable usage level- May exceed distance or volume, but may incur headache.)
Teleportation disrupted by nervous systems(Has to teleport a whole animal or nothing)
Teleportation must be in a standard shape(cuboid, pyramid, sphere, etc.) with the exception of teleporting himself.
Teleportation takes 1 second(plus a 'thinking delay' if he is not teleporting himself, in order to calculate the relative distances to himself of the two areas), during which the destination and source areas refract light heavily.
May be safely used once every 5 seconds. Using it faster is possible, but induces headaches.

Additional Uses

Portal Creation
By constantly switching two 2-d planes, Ren can create a simulation of a portal. Maximum Size: 2m by 2m, Range of 500m. Requires focus to be maintained

Physical Traits

Any significant physical ability not gained from psychic power
Takedown Specialist: Ren is skilled in freerunning, parkour and hand-to-hand combat.
Slippery: Ren can seemingly slip through almost any obstacle, courtesy of running through the Anti-Skill obstacle course for exercise instead of jogging.
Kendo: Ren was in the school team when he was back in Middle School. Physical skill is hard to forget, but hard to remember either.

Mental Traits

Any significant mental trait not gained from psychic power
Elementary Math: Due to the nature of his ability, Ren is freakishly good at basic calculations, 3-d mapping and vector mathematics.
Paranoid: Ren always carries a set of handcuffs on his person.
Proficient Liar: Years of putting on an act has made Ren a pretty good liar.
Tsundere/Antisocial: Ren is curt and abrasive to most people he meets- This is probably the reason why he has few friends. Those he does have, however, he will protect and help in any way he can- While still firing off the occasional snide insinuation.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Handphone: Functions as a PDA and a Smartphone, with projected holographic screen and keyboard.(Something like Kuroko's from Railgun)
Watch: Casio sports watch.
Judgement Armband: Ren has a Judgement armband that he doesn't wear very much unless on duty.
Judgement Kit: Ren has access to Judgement equipment, including Riot Shields, handcuffs, pepper spray, smoke grenades and tasers.