Shiota Tsubasa 'Crocell'


Family Name Shiota
Given Name Tsubasa
Aliases Crocell, Sparky, Fire Lance
Level 4
Gender Male
Age 16


Crocell is a little on the short side at about 5'4 at the age of sixteen. However size is no measure of spunk or power. Many people know not to mess with Crocell because of how he is not afraid to speak is mind, and he is not above resorting to fighting back if he has to. No one typically calls him a bishi to his face. (also his hair is a light pink)


Crocell may look like a cute little boy, but he has a rude way of speaking, and he's not afraid to speak out about anything he doesn't like. He has a hard time getting close to people or being honest with himself, but he's very good at pushing other people's buttons—a trait that often leads him into conflict with other. Sarcastic and cynical Crocell has the subtlety of a elephant so be prepared for him to not sugar coat anything even for adults. Although he is compassionate and protective to those that he considers friends. His fiery personality is a pain for his superiors though. However this is all how Crocell naturally is. He is not spoiled by his parents great amount of wealth though other people might not see it that way.


Esper Ability

Basic Function

Crocell's power allows him to produce and control flames. Crocell since the discovery of his powers has constantly practiced with them, having found something else to take up his time besides his schoolwork. He was a natural with his flames, though that could probably be attributed to his slight pyromaniac nature. His flames increase in intensity as his level increases and his control over them increases too.

Level 1: Crocell produces minor flames from his finger tips, much like a cigarette lighter. He can control flames up to 5 feet from his body, he can only move them vertically, horizontally, and outwards. The flames are only just visible, about 525 degrees Celsius

Level 2: Crocell can produce baseball sized balls of flame. He can move the flames in more complex paths such as curves, circles, and figure eights. He can control flames up to 25 feet from his body. The flames are considerably hot now at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius.

Level 3: Crocell's fireballs can be twice as large as basket balls now. He has enough control to where he can turn a large fireball into a scatter shot blast and control flames up to 50 feet from his body. The flames are now about 1300 degrees celsius. The flames are now orange with tinges of blue around them. Crocell gains some immunity to flames at this level as he can stand in flames for about 10 seconds. He can also control the heat emitted by his flames, keeping them contained to the fireballs.

Level 4: Crocell's powers increase in by a great amount at this stage. Crocell can summon walls of fire at this point and can make complex patterns with them. He can control flames up to 130 feet from his body. The flames can now get up to temperatures of 1700 degrees Celsius. The flames are now a deep blue. Crocell's immunity to fire is now much more proficient. He can coat himself in his own flames for degrees up to 900 degrees Celsius for up to 2 minutes.

Level 5: Crocell's flames don't increase in power at this point but he range of control does increase to about 600 feet from his body. He could now be his own fireworks show now. He can now stand in flames up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Additional Uses

He can shoot flames from his hands and feet to act as a propulsion system for flight

Physical Traits

Good Physical Strength: Despite his short stature, Crocell has a good amount of physical strength. His father hired a private tutor for boxing to help Crocell defend himself when he got picked on for being shorter than other boys. Luckily he was a quick study. After he finished under the tutor he got into the habit of regularly working out.

Bishounen Looks: Crocell is a fairly good looking young man. He would be one of the most desirable boys a Azabu… if it wasn't for that gosh darn attitude of his.

Mental Traits

High Intellegence: Crocell is a pretty good student. Despite attending Azabu, he has never had a mental break down and manages to complete his assignments. Though he does tend to blow a few off every now and then. Otherwise with an application of 3 hours of study every few days he is able to keep up.

Calm Demeanor: Crocell can usually be found calm as a cucumber, even in a crisis. After all, there is no point in panicking about something that only makes it worse. Not what you would usually expect from a pyrokinetic.

Notable Equipment:

Judgement Kit: Crocell's Judgement Kit has all of his needed items for patrol, such as handcuffs, pepper spray, and tasers. As well as his Judgement band.

Flame Retardant Cloths: Crocell's cloths are specially made to be flame retardant. This way they won't catch fire whenever he uses his powers. His parents did this for all of his cloths after the third time they caught on fire.

Cellphone: Crocell has a cell phone that he uses for calling the few friends that he has and to call his parents.