Shinohana Rie

Nagatenjouki Academy, FRIEND

Family Name Shinohana
Given Name Rie
Aliases "Silent Sylph", "Ojou-sama"
Level 4
Gender Female
Age 16


Rie is relatively tall at 5'10"; she has long, straight auburn hair that falls just below her shoulders, large brown eyes, and a face that is rather obviously the product of years of continuous vanity. She's rather toned and athletic from her vocation, although she is prone to hiding these features under long-sleeved blouses and long dresses. Her FRIEND outfit usually changes, but consists of simple and practical articles of clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, boots, and athletic socks. Oftentimes, this will be complemented by a layered flak jacket disguised as an ordinary overcoat for added protection.


Rie has two sides: her student side is what you would expect from the acclaimed Nagatenjouki academy (in Railgun, this academy is supposed to be equal in prestige to Tokiwadai despite not producing any level 5 espers); cheerful, graceful, charismatic, and friendly towards most of the academy's other students. Rie is sometimes known by her underclassmen as "ojou-sama" in reference to her good manners and amicable attitude. Even as a student of one of the top 5 schools in Academy City, Rie never looks down on lower-level espers and always tries to mediate any arguments between a higher and lower-level esper, both within and outside the academy.

Which would be expected, given how many dangerous level 0's she has met in her line of work.

FRIEND Rie is still kind towards her comrade-in-arms, regarding most of them as sisters rather than friends and often hanging. Her good girl facade often disappears when she's in private with her comrades; she complains (jokingly) quite often, is very laid back, and emits none of the "proper lady" aura that she keeps within her academy. When in combat, Rie is ruthless and efficient; if a mission requires extracting information from an individual, she will take the quickest and least dangerous method to solving the problem, even if it's choking the victim until he finally coughs up a response. If the mission is to kill…she will not hesitate to use some of the more deadly applications of her power, although she will almost always save "corpse explosion" for when she has no other choice.

Rie has a friendly relation with Shiho from their early days; they both drop their proper facade and speak very informally with each other, and usually keep in contact. As a "researcher" Shiho is qualified to request a job from FRIEND's manager, although she will usually contact Rie directly if a problem has escalated to such a level.


Esper Ability

Sylph Point

Basic Function

Rie is a level 4 wind user, and a powerful one at that. A bit similar to the related ability "Aero Hands" that Railgun's Hongou possesses, Rie's abilities allow her to place "ejection points" that propel wind and displaces air molecules. Rie's ability is more flexible, however - her ejection points are not limited to solid surfaces and may be placed anywhere within a radius of 500 meters, and the direction, power, duration, and other aspects of the air discharges are fully controllable. This level of control allows her to fly, float, and attach herself to walls with just enough propulsion to not make a sound, earning her the name "Silent Sylph" and making her the go-to person for a lot of FRIEND's covert operations. Her wind points are mostly limited to visual range.

Sylph point has several uses. For scouting, she could enhance speed with a tailwind or simply carry multiple individuals with a powerful gust of wind, By controlling where she places the points and continuously repositioning a single point, she could fly (and allow other people to fly) at high speeds and maneuver almost perfectly in the air, suddenly switching directions as necessary by placing an additional point. Offensively, she could cause her points to blast a point of wind in any direction; by stacking multiple points, she can propel large objects (such as semis or small buildings) into the sky or create gusts and hurricanes to barricade an enemy. She could also arrange points in creative ways to create a prison of wind where a victim is trapped between strong winds blowing in every direction, or basically knock any number of targets around in the sky. For defense, Rie is usually surrounded by an aura of swirling winds; when a threat comes within her AIM field, the winds deflect or neutralize the threat (up to low-calibur bullets are stopped or made harmless; high-calibur bullets are usually deflected). She can increase this aura to five simultaneous points, which will usually deflect even the strongest of shots fired against her.

Additional Uses

Flight - Rie can fly using her ability. Since her points can be made to only fire in one direction, no wind needs to touch the ground when using this ability, allowing her to fly without making a sound or a scene. Wind point can also allow other people to fly as well, although Rie would be in full control of which direction they ended up going. She has excellent maneuverability while in the air.
Enhanced Speed - Rie can use her wind to enhance her land speed, giving herself and her movements a permanent tailwind. She can give a 'tailwind' effect to other people as well. (Still, why not just fly =p?)
Wind Creation - One of the most basic uses of her power; sylph point can create regular winds, gusts, hurricanes, or - when placed in certain formations - even tornadoes. She can use her power to propel objects up to a semi through the air at high velocities.
Air Prison - By placing a number of air points so that the target is trapped between continuous blasts of wind, Rie can effectively create a prison of wind to trap one or more targets.
Defense - Whenever possible, Rie always has a single specialized wind point around her body. This breeze creates a slight cooling sensation to anyone that steps near her, but is more useful as an automatic defense system that can repel most low-mass attacks and displace most bullets and projectiles. She can surround herself with multiple wind points as well; multiple points will deflect even high-caliber bullet attacks (such as ones from a sniper rifle), although it creates a very distinctive orb/dome of wind around her that scatters small objects and makes her presence obvious to anyone that can see her. She can make the dome bigger to protect additional people, although the dome will deflect projectiles launched from the inside, as well.
Razor Winds - Rie's ability also allows her to condense blasts of wind fired into a narrow shape, allowing them to cut as if they were a broad blade.

Physical Traits

Martial Arts (Kenpo): Rie favors Kempo, and is a very capable practitioner of the martial art. As an operative, she places a lot of emphasis on speed and agility and specializes in controlling techniques rather than brute-force strikes, regularly using angle and positioning to gain an advantage and countering/breaking limbs. If needed, her preferred weapons are short blades, claws, and wrist guards.
Armaments Training: Rie is trained in the use of small guns, pistols, and basic assault rifles, and is quite accurate when using them. She is also trained with explosives and military technology.
First Aid: As an operative, first aid is even more important than it is for Judgment. The difference between a bleeding leg and a bandaged leg could be the difference between death and life.

Mental Traits

Knowledge of Academy City: FRIEND works with and keeps in contact with a lot of people - researchers, scientists, information brokers, actual criminals, and a lot more. Any member of FRIEND will usually know some of the latest research that isn't really public, areas like the Esper Prison that most people shouldn't even be aware of, and other classified information. There is a limit to what they know, of course; for example, they know that GATE exists and vice versa, but they do not know its other members, its technologies, or any ESP abilities they may have (other than their leader Kakashi, but that is more a product of his mental inadequacies than anything else).
Desensitized to Violence: Rie can see someone getting brutally dismembered and not bat an eye. It's something that comes with the job, really, and sometimes, she even has to do something similar with her own two hands.
Pragmatism: Exactly as it says on the tin.
Cosplay Fan: …Let's not even go there.
Quick Thinking: Rie thinks really well on her feet, even when pressured, and quickly come up with solutions to problems. If an operative pauses before a dangerous opponent, she is dead; don't let that happen to your Espers :).
Technological Knowledge: It's as they say: if you don't know how to use an AIM Jammer, it's useless to you. Although she's not a hacker or anything, Rie has a basic knowledge of how to operate various field technology, and can use a computer to a satisfactory level.

Additional Traits

FRIEND Sub-Organizations: FRIEND has a lot of sub-organizations that its core members can tap into at notice. Although use of this is usually limited to missions and mission-related activities, Rie can procure a car and getaway driver, request information scanning technologies, obtain weapons and secretive items like AIM Jammers or explosives, install operatives, and generally get things that most people in Academy City could not even dream of. The sub-organizations of FRIEND are loyal to the core members and are similarly phantoms to anyone else.
Academy City Esper Bank: Rie is probably the least secret of anyone in FRIEND just because of her status as a student. This, of course, means that her power is downplayed (she's listed as a level 3) and vaguely described in her bank profile, and any connections between her and some mysterious organization won't be found anywhere (some members aren't listed at all). Of course, FRIEND has their own networks where they keep in contact and store vital information, but this, too, is not accessible to the public. An esper with the right power may be able to hack it…but unless if they're Misaka or something, they'll have to find out that it exists and where it is, among other things.
Connections: Not just within FRIEND and its sub-organizations, but there are other contacts - some legal, some not - that any member of FRIEND can draw upon for information or assistance. There are groups entirely dedicated to brokering information to such groups, even.

Notable Equipment:

Communications Device: Rie usually keeps a hands-free cellphone headpiece securely attached to her right ear. It's important for FRIEND members to at least be able to keep in contact with each other and its sub-organizations, and doing so when she may be preoccupied with other things is ideal. Rie also carries a spare cellphone and a hidden FRIEND-only communications item on her person at all times.
Weapons, Armaments, Equipment: No one would carry a bomb or handgun to school. However, when on a mission, Rie will usually have a significant arsenal including a retractable claw with hand guards, at least a pistol that can be concealed (usually also a Steyr), an AIM Jammer, various sharp items to throw with her ability, small remotely-detonated explosives, distractions, emergency flares, a taser, poison, and whatever other gadget seems to be fitting for the task at hand. Also, usually a flak jacket and an unbuttoned overcoat.
Laptop: Laptops are anyone's best friend. For the most stylish of people, an iMac is a clear choice with its sleek design and hefty price tag.
Tracker: Usually hidden somewhere on her body, the tracker allows the other FRIEND members to track where Rie is in case if something goes wrong with the mission. Comes with an on/off switch and an sound recorder in case if she needs to record a conversation in a hurry. Has a detachable, easily hidden mini-camera that can be clipped to her clothes as well. Rie almost always has this on her, although for privacy reasons, it's usually switched to "off". This also functions as the aforementioned FRIEND-only communication item.
Hairband and Ribbon: A hairband with an over-sized ribbon on one side. It's just not Rie without it.