Satoku Masaki

Academy City robotics research project head; Onizuka Middle School AIM Field Theory teacher

Family Name Satoku (佐徳)
Given Name Masaki (允紀)
Aliases Satoku-sensei, Dr. Satoku
Level 0: no psychic powers to speak of.
Gender Male
Age 22


Masaki appears as a lean, thin man with sharp cheek bones and short, spiky black hair. He wears small round spectacles that rest on the end of his nose, making him look older than he really is. Masaki rarely appears without a dress shirt, long black slacks, a red tie, and a white lab coat.


It is perhaps more accurate to say that Masaki does not have a personality. He is utterly dispassionate regardless of outside stimuli; nobody has ever seen him smile, laugh, be angry, or look upset. (As a result, Onizuka students try to prank him as much as possible in order to get a reaction out of him. So far, he has disappointed them at every turn.) His rare appearances at social gatherings reveals that he never strikes up a conversation with someone else unless he needs something from them.

Closer scrutiny reveals that Masaki has trouble empathizing with other people, which may explain why he disfavors conversation. He must struggle to prevent himself from saying something true but extremely rude. He is also highly pragmatic; he typically goes about doing things in what he believes to be the most efficient way possible.


Physical Traits

Athleticism: Though Masaki is certainly no professional athlete, he is still quite fit. He is fairly strong, fairly fast, and has a good amount of stamina.

Mental Traits

Scientific Doctorate: Masaki knows a very great deal about multiple scientific fields. He is an expert in AIM Field Theory, and knows enough about cybernetics that he is currently the head of an Academy City research project on a new generation of Large Weapons (or perhaps even a replacement model for them).

Pragmatism: Masaki has a knack for knowing the least unnecessarily complicated, efficient way of doing something or achieving a goal. He doesn't rely on a psychic power to do this, nor is this ability particularly superhuman; a focused, intelligent human being can perform this as well.

Notable Equipment:

Nothing of note.