Ryan Williams


Family Name Williams
Given Name Ryan
Aliases None
Level Human
Gender Male
Age 39


Ryan is a man who's entire apperance is that of a marine. He has a short haircut, similar to that of one in the military. He will wear long, digitaly camouflaged pants and a plain T-shirt when he is on his own time. When he is on duty, he will wear is Anti-Skill outfit proudly.


"Once a Marine. Always a Marine." Ryan believes in that philosophy greatly. He shows real respect to authority and will sometimes stand at attention when on duty. Many firefights have allowed him to remain calm in disasters. After both being in the military and police force in America, he tends to notice suspicious things before others do.

Despite this stern military attitude, he absolutely cowers when his wife is getting angry. He treats his son, Jason, as if he may want to follow in his fathers footsteps. This includes teaching him basic martial arts and sometimes teaching him about discipline, which Jason sometimes is annoyed about. However, he won't press his dreams onto him with the expection that Jason will follow it.


Ryan served in the military for several years, even serving two tours in military wars. It was during this time he was promoted to Lance Corporal before retiring to civilian life. Even then, Ryan could never truly get out of the military sense of duty, causing him to enlist as a police officer.

After a couple years, he responded to a call of a distruptive late night party. He managed to disband the college party and send all participants home. It was there he met his future wife, which had been the one who made the call, unable to study from the noise. It was another years time, before the two were successfully married.

Physical Traits

Strong and muscular. He can lift most things other normal people can't and he has great stamina. He also knows many different types of fighting in self defense, including some martial arts.

Physical Ability:

Mental Traits

Cool thinking under fire. He is able to strategize in even the most chaotic of scenarios. He is also well trained in handling most types of guns.

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Notable Equipment: