Rose Waterpool


Family Name Waterpool
Given Name Rose
Aliases Steam Engine
Level 4
Gender female
Age 16

Appearance Rose is average height for her age. She has dark brown hair (long but usually kept in a tight bun on he back of her head) and brown eyes.

Personality Rose is… eccentric… to say the least. It is speculated that she is more interested in holding a conversation with her toaster than with an actual person. It is also said that her current love interest is a fancy new cappuccino machine at a popular cafe. She is a known steampunk addict and her abilities tend to reflect this in their application.


Esper Ability

"Macchina Affinità" Her name for it. Machine Affinity. Simply put, she has the ability to instantly understand the working of and deconstruct mechanical devices then reconstruct them in new and sometimes seemingly impossible ways. More interestingly, she is often able to do this without actually touching the machines she is working on. That is, she possesses a telekinetic ability in which she can swiftly deconstruct machinery around her and build new devices using only her mind to do the physical work. Her obsession with steampunk often reflects itself in how her ability manifest, giving the devices she builds an artistic flare that echoes this love of fantasy on her part.

Additional Uses Rose utilizes her abilities in two general ways. The first is device construction. She can build an astounding array of devices to accomplish whatever task presents itself.

The other way she uses it is a bit rarer and only utilized when she absolutely needs it. Body Gears. Also her term. She rapidly deconstructs machines and non-machine components from her surroundings and reassembles them into a set of power armor around her body. A very draining technique, Body Gears is reserved only in situations where fighting is unavoidable and the need for survival outweighs the cost of paying to repair the structures she pulls apart to build the armor with. The armor can be constructed to suit whatever her immediate needs are, often focusing on only one aspect at a time. She currently possesses two models: Speed and Strength.

Speed: This armor is light and compact, with elongated, reverse jointed legs and sleet design. It is built to increase her speed and agility, allowing her to dodge attacks, catch fast foes, or run away very very well.

Strength: Build tough and and heavy, Strength is what she uses to deliver punishing attacks against her targets. This armor is massive and can take a lot of punishment, protecting her inside while she retaliates with powerful punches. It is slow, however, and not very maneuverable.

Physical Traits Rose trains rather intensively in martial arts, which comes in handy when she constructs her suits and puts them into use.

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Mental Traits Rose is a fast thinker and has a high aptitude for machines and technology. She is not very good at social interactions, though.

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Notable Equipment:

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