Robert Carson

MAR (Multi Active Rescue)

Family Name Carson
Given Name Robert
Aliases Icepick
Level Level 2
Gender Male
Age 41


Standing at 6ft 1in tall, Robert is well built and reasonably slim. He is absolutely nothing spectacular in the looks department, brown hair and green eyes not really combining to form something aesthetically pleasing, although on the same note you couldn't really call him ugly. Wrinkles are beginning to form and his skin has lost quite a bit of luster, but he is far from an old man.


Robert Carson follows only one rule: Get the job done, whatever the cost. This has won him few friends outside his superiors, but he still retains civility towards everyone he meets and wouldn't dream of sacrificing innocent lives to accomplish his mission. The morally questionable and his own men are fair game, though. His concept of human rights is also rather disturbingly lax, with several people undergoing intensive psychiatric therapy after an interrogation session with the "Ice Man".


Esper Ability

Trans-universe manipulation of heat energy - "Freezing Touch"
His esper abilities do not get rid of the heat he removes from his surroundings. Instead it must go somehwere as per the law of thermodynamics, and it goes into Robert's body. This is where his AIM field comes in. It vents the heat off into a parallel universe by a, well… Scientists aren't entirely sure how it does it. This means that Robert's abilities have a side effect of hastening the heat death of the universe, but Robert doesn't really care, fortunately enough.

Basic Function

Level 2 - Robert can reduce temperature around himself in a 4 ft radius. Temperature can be reduced to -20 degrees Celsius after a few seconds. Heat-dispersing AIM field allows temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius to be resisted totally.

Level 3 - Upon attaining this level, Robert will be able to reduce temperature to -30 degrees Celsius in a 6ft area. He will also gain the ability to reduce anything he is in direct contact with to -160 degrees Celsius. Heat-dispersion AIM field now resists temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Level 4 - The current peak of his potential. Robert's long-range temperature reduction ability will not increase, but his freezing touch will now cool anything he touches to -250 degrees Celsius. Some heavier gases in air may be freezable, and nearly all gases in air can be condensed. AIM field now resists temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius.

Level 5 - Not currently available. Tech department figures seem to indicate that if Robert were somehow able to attain this level, he would be able to cool his bullets to Bose-Einstein condensate temperatures and approach to within a few fractions of a degree of absolute zero by touch. Good thing he probably won't.

Additional Uses

The uses of this ability are myriad and basically limited to his ability and imagination. However, it should be noted that if he was not augmented, Robert would be at the limit of his power right now. In fact, he would barely scrape level 2. He is on the lower end of the esper scale and as a result is often not risked in deployments against rogue espers of unknown power.

With these limited gifts, Robert has been training to exploit them to the full. As a result, droplets of water become vicious ice darts that he has practiced with at a thought. He can also focus on individual limbs and extremities - it's very hard to, say, fire a gun when your weapon hand is 30 degrees below freezing. Should he become immersed in water, Robert can give himself impromptu ice armour, and heavy ice gauntlets for punching things. He can walk on water by freezing it, but until he develops his power further he has to take it slow to allow his freezing power to keep up.

Physical Traits

Army Training: His time in the army has toughened him near the very limits of human ability. He is trained exstensively in the use of most firearms, as well as knife-fighting and survival.

Athletic: Although he probably wouldn't win a marathon, it's very hard to tire him out and he is a good runner.

Mental Traits

Nerves of Steel: Nigh-unfazeable and fearless, Robert has lived his last 20 years in an environment where losing your cool means losing your life. He has adjusted accordingly.

Power Suit Hater: Says it all really. Competent in usage of powered armour, but really now. Doesn't it just look completely ridiculous?

Good Leader: By no means Alexander the Great, Robert nevertheless commands respect and fear from his squadmates, and he is reasonably versed in tactics.

E-Protocol: As his skills are a closely-guarded secret, he requires authorisation to use them in his role as a MAR officer. During most operations, he is just a normal soldier, but in times of great emergency or when he is on a solo mission, the E-Protocol is activated. One small caveat: When the Protocol has been activated, all witnesses to his skill usage must be eliminated to preserve secrecy.

Side-effects of Treatment: …Unknown. No real time for testing before project was given the go-ahead. Initial signs look promising, but safeguards are in place in event of critical mental insatbilities.

Notable Equipment:

Standard Issue MAR Gear and Weaponry: Self explanatory.

Radio: Has access to frequencies no other MAR operative in the field knows even exists. Keeps in contact with the research team. It's also the radio he uses for the E-Protocol.

Serrated Combat Knife: Balanced for close quarters fighting.