Nick Orion


Family Name Orion
Given Name Nick Orion
Aliases None
Level 1
Gender Male
Age 15


Decked out in a nerdy t-shirt and some khaki pants, with a tall-slightly heavy-set build of 4'8


Lazy, laid back, and hangs in the background, yet joking and over-talkative.


Minor training in fire arms

Esper Ability

Chrono Trigger

Basic Function

Allows Nick to control his flow through the passage of time. He can only move at a speed apropiate to his current flow through time, but as he becomes more proficient with it, he eventually moves (1/1.25/1.50/1.75/2) times faster then he normally would be able to while using Chrono Trigger.

Additional Uses

Allows Nick to study very easily.
Can be used to quickly analyze a situation in perfect clarity.

Notable Equipment:

Item: Staff (Functions as a walking stick and a weapon)