Narashi Tentei

Azabu Academy

Family Name Narashi
Given Name Tentei
Aliases None
Level Varies
Gender Male
Age 15


See the picture. Black hair, blue eyes, usually clean looking, and wears an ankh/cross earing and a ring on his right pinky.


Tentei is a minimalist who only does the bare minimum required to suceed. He is extremely lazy, and spends his tim just watching people walk by, noticing their interactions and habits. However, when emotional, he gets a little voilent, as he was part of a large family and is used to roughousing. Also, never mention the Kyoto Debacle, Kyoto, samurai, ninjas, monks, catgirls, or underage drinking. Never disturb his peace and quiet, don't touch his earing, and stay away from his candy.


Esper Ability

Basic Function

Spontaneous matter dislocation controlled/empored by a maximized emotional state.

In simple english, the ability to move stuff from on place to another. Without control, it would look like, say; "I'm angry" screamed the person, punching out in rage. His fist dislocates the air in front of it, pushing it forwards in a blast. My idea (sciencewise) is that his Esper power allows him to dislocated matter (solid, liquid, gas or plasma, it doesn't matter that much) to a diifferent are, so if he uses it on a treee then the wood is pushed outward in the form of splinters. Interference from the human brain prevents it from being used on his foes directly, but he could still hit them with displaced air, or water, or what have you. Plotwise, he has to learn exactly what his power is, and then how to control his emotions so he can learn how touse it without being depressede, or in a berserk rage. Eventually he would be able to, say, displace would from a tree to make a wooden hammer, and the like. If he learns the intricies of, say, a gun, then by having the materials for a gun, he gan make one. This requires the materials for a gun, he can't just blow up a sidewalk and suddenly have a bazooka, he has too be in a bazooka factory and have studied the design of a bazooka for it to work.

It reads as Level 0, but varies depending on his emotional state, and will continue to do so until he can find a teacher (around Level 1 to 3).

At Level 1 it can: Divert up to a radius 5 cm sphere, but only on contact. With full control, it allows for x1.5 radius.

At Level 2 it can: Divert up to a radius 15 cm sphere, but only within a meters length. It can be used to create small simple objects of the substance being dislocated. With full control, it allows for x1.5 radius.

At Level 3 it can: Divert up to a radius 25 cm sphere, but only within 3 meters. It can be used to create small objects of the substance being dislocated, like a small rod with grooves. With full control, it allows for x1.5 radius.

At level 4 it can: Divert up to a radius 35 cm sphere, but only within 9 meters. It can be used to create objects like say, a chain. With full control, it allows for x1.5 radius.

At level 5 it can: Divert up to a radius 50 cm sphere, but only within 15 meters. It can be used to create complicated objects like mariaanettes with detailed features. With full control, it allows for x1.5 radius.

And at level 6 your dead.

Additional Uses

If you have a detailed, intamite knowledge fo the desired object, than at a high enough level you can create things like, say, guns, but only if the required materials are there.

Physical Traits

Average Fitness: Tentei Is fit, but not athletic. In this, he is average.

Mental Traits

Observant: Tentei is very observant, being able to perceive flaws and details in an almost supernatural manner…..when he's bothering to pay any attention at all.

Manipulitive: Tentei is manipulative, making other people do his work for him. If he wants something done and dosn't consider it important enough to do himself, he'll convince someone else to do it, and when it's done they'll think (hopefully) that it was their idea in the first place. When he does so, he has a tendancy to say "Just as planned".

Couch Potato: Tentei is really, really lazy and just wants to be average. If he doesn't have to do sometthing, he won't do it. If it has to be done, he'll get someone else to do it. If he actually wants to do it, then he already has.

Eidetic Memory: Eidetic memory is the proper term for perfect memory, as it allows for sound as well as images. He's used this to memorize the bodies weak and pressure points, as well as a few martial arts styles (please remember that he's memorized them, he doesn't acctually practice them, meaning he can only do bits and peices here and there).

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Swiss Cross/Ankh: While his earing appears mundane, it actually is a small Swiss army knife like device that was created for him specifically by his cousin as a going away present.