Mystery Woman


Family Name Unknown
Given Name Unknown
Aliases None
Level 0
Gender Female
Age Unknown


She is of average height for her gender, perhaps a bit tall. Her hair is long and black, with several pink streaks in it. Entwined in her hair is a pale pink rose as well. The most striking part of the woman is her choice of clothing. She wears a black jacket over a pale blue dress. Both flare out at the hips quite dramatically. The outfit is complimented by a pair of long white gloves that extended past her elbows and thigh-high stockings.


It seems that she is rather cold, and unfazed by most signs of danger.


It seems that she has access to explosives, Honda Hiroshi died by having his head blown off.

Notable Equipment:

Candy: She has delicious strawberry candy in a Gekota pez dispenser.