Mujou Ikisawa

Leader of the Psyche Raiders Skill Out gang

Family Name Mujou
Given Name Ikisawa
Aliases "Red Oni"
Level 0
Gender Male
Age 19


For someone his age, Ikisawa's build can only be described as heroic. He stands a head above most average sized adults and his lanky form is dominated by lean, compact muscles that were built up over many turbulent years. His black hair is swept back away from his face, revealing piercing brown eyes that have made more then a couple people uncomfortable to look into. More importantly though he has a sort of…bestial charisma about him, a magnetism that draws others to him and usually to fall under his sway as well. He's dangerous as most people passing by would say, something that has appealed to some.

For clothing he wears a black basketball jersey (though no numbers or logos on it) that's tucked into his pants. A long red jacket rests on his shoulders, giving him free access to it's many pockets if need be. His belt is studded with metal spikes while his jeans are ripped and torn from past fights, the pants legs tucked into black combat boots polished to a mirror shine. Usually one can see a dented metal baseball bat held loosely in one hand, or a large duffel bag slung over one shoulder. The only time he lacks either (or both) is when he knows he'll be searched.


Ikisawa has been likened to a revolutionary by some and as a terrorist by others, it depends on how firmly one believes in his ideals. That means, to most espers, he's nothing but a terrorist who shows a bit more consideration then others. To some Level 0's who find themselves downtrodden in a city that only cares about abilities though, he's nothing more then a hero who's doing to best to make sure their voice is still heard. Which helps considering he seems to have more then simple destruction on his mind, holding several rallies and public speeches to try and give others like himself some pride while reminding those with abilities they can't just blow off those without.

To further that last goal, he's held several live…demonstrations of administering justice to espers who have abused their abilities or caused significant harm to others with their abilities. No one has been killed, yet, but the Psychic Raiders and himself have hospitalized more then a few people because of the 'crimes' they've committed. Some people blame his entire 'agenda' on the fact that he's a hot-headed young man, unwilling to take a back seat while others try to solve a problem the diplomatic way. He always wants to take action against the injustices he sees while his magnetic personality has drawn others of like mind and methods to his side, swelling the Psychic Raiders' numbers by a fair bit. This isn't to say he hates all espers, but he doesn't trust them and is always just waiting for them to step out of line like he believes they always will. His methods may be a bit…reckless and dangerous, but Ikisawa has been adamant about not drawing innocents into his fight which has earned him some grudging respect from Anti-Skill and Judgement who are still trying to find him within District 10 on numerous charges.

Despite his impulsive nature, Ikisawa has a sort of animal cunning about him. He's not book smart, having dropped out of school, but he can still lay complex ambushes and traps to combat more powerful foes when normal tactics just won't work. His ferocity in battle has earned him the moniker the 'Red Oni' from the Psychic Raiders, and it's begun to spread too. With his recent defeat of a Level 5, his confidence has grown and he's become more aggressive in his raids, attacks, and rallies.


Physical Traits

Athleticism: Ikisawa is in great physical shape and pushes his limits constantly whenever his schedule allows for it. Naturally he can't challenge espers with abilities related to strength, speed, or endurance (not well anyway) but for a regular human his abilities are formidable. He uses cunning plans to make up for the power gap between himself and his enemies.
Shooting & Explosive: As weird as it is for a kid like him to know this sort of stuff, Ikisawa spent a year or two abroad in America while he was still in school and learned proper gun handling and shooting while he was there. This is a skill he still keeps honed. Ikisawa won't be winning any marksmanship competitions, but he has a keen instinct for putting a bullet (rubber or otherwise) where he needs to put it. His knowledge of explosives is…rudimentary. He couldn't create a multi-phase explosive that would require a bomb squad to dispose of, but with the right materials he's learned how to fashion timed and triggered explosives
Street-fighting: Ikisawa doesn't know any fancy tricks to fighting, meaning some martial artists would hold an edge over him in this area, but he has years of experience in fighting on the streets and fighting dirty. It won't be a clean victory, but most people would be foolish to fight him head on in hand-to-hand. Especially since he's likely to practice his batting if he gets the chance.

Mental Traits

Animal magnetism: Like his former friend, Ikisawa is good at drawing people to him, but that's were it ends for him. He needs to create his own bonds with those who seek to join him, sometimes laboriously since he's a bit…rigid when it comes to his beliefs.
Cunning: He's far from book smart, but if he watches something enough then Ikisawa can figure out how it works in his own terms. This has also lead to it being difficult to predict where he'll act next, an immense help in keeping Judgement and Anti-Skill off his back.

Notable Equipment:

Baseball Bat: Unless he's specifically prohibited from carrying it with him, Ikisawa always carries around a metal baseball bat despite the weird looks it gets him. For him, it's better to be safe then considered weird. The bat always looks well used though, dented and dirtied.
Duffel bag: His duffel bag is a thing of shock and horror for most normal people/espers raised with traditional Japanese values. It's full to the brim with a variety of non-lethal and sometimes just plain weird weapons from stun-guns, bear mace, and tasers to what appear to be small hand grenades (these are actually just home-made smoke bombs with something special to make it more like tear gas) with accompanying gas mask. It's an eclectic collection of self-defense items that one could get by ordering online by going through the proper channels, though Ikisawa likely hasn't. The center piece of his duffel bag is decidedly not non-lethal though, with what appears to be a modified Calico m950 with spare drums of live hollow point ammunition and two of rubber rounds. Often he isn't allowed to bring it certain places, because he'll be searched like other people, but this doesn't keep him from stashing it in an easy-to-run-to-location if things turn sour. The contents change based on when he's encountered but, despite the initial appearance, many of the things in his bag are used for non-lethal effects.
H&K USP Match: When all else fails, Ikisawa carries this handgun within his coat as often as he can with armor-piercing rounds and a couple reloads worth of bullets for whenever he gets into a truly desperate situation and his other methods aren't cutting it or were taken from him.