Miura Kin

Tokiwadai Middle School

Family Name Miura
Given Name Kin
Aliases None
Level 2
Gender Female
Age 14




Strange Attractor

Basic Function

This power lets Kin stick anything with a physical form to her body. It only works on things that are in direct contact with her skin; Even light clothing blocks the effect. Once attached, the targets become almost impossible to remove through physical force. Despite this unusual strength, Strange Attractor remains classed as a Level 2 ability, owing to its limited scope and lack of practical applications.

Kin has some difficulty controlling her ability. While it will never deactivate without her command, it has a propensity to remain active despite her commands. It also occasionally activates on its own, when something comes into contact with her skin.

Additional Uses

Strange Attractor remains in effect even while Kin is unconscious. It can also be used in ways which would usually stress the affected areas of her body beyond their limits, such as hanging from the underside of a street light by one palm. The fact that the skin of her hand doesn't simply tear away when doing this suggests that Strange Attractor is more complex than it first appears.

Physical Traits

Nimble: Kin is very dexterous.
Arts & Crafts: Between her family background and further education at Tokiwadai, Kin has become skilled in a wide variety of artistic skills, ranging from drawing, to sewing, to basket weaving.

Mental Traits

Nonconformist: Kin has trouble working in regulated surroundings, such as a strict school or workplace. When forced to do such things, she quickly becomes bored and distracted.
Facial beauty blindness: Kin has an unusual brain defect which prevents her from recognising beauty (or lack thereof) in human faces.
Arcade gamer: Owing to an unhealthy amount of practice, Kin has become very skilled in playing arcade games of almost all varieties. Her speciality is DDR.

Notable Equipment:

Money: Whatever resentment Kin may bear towards her family, there's no denying their generosity in financial matters. Kin's vast allowance lets her live in the lap of luxury, along with being able to spend wildly without considering the price. As a consequence, she has no skill in budgeting, or any sense of the true value of money.
Tablet: Kin always carries a top of the line, collapsible tablet computer, which she mostly uses to sketch things.