Mitsu Intoku


Family Name Intoku
Given Name Mitsu
Aliases None
Level 0
Gender Female
Age 13


Mitsu is a shy girl. She has long blue hair and purple eyes. She wears the regular Onizuka uniform. When out of school, Mitsu often wears long skirts or dresses. She always wears a silver moon-shaped pendant, a present from Seiko, her brother.


Mitsu is a timid and innocent girl. Though, she can be cutely stubborn at times. Mitsu takes some time to warm up to others. When she does, Mitsu is a loyal and caring friend. She sticks around Seiko a lot.


Physical Traits

Athleticism – under average.
Housework skills – good with chores and cooking.
Good singer – can sing beautifully. Can get easily embarrassed though and messes up.

Mental Traits

Good memory – she has a large mental notepad.
Observant – easily notices small minute details, although she may not know what they mean.
Sibling love – really loves her brother.

Notable Equipment:

Cell phone – To contact her brother and vise versa.
Frying pan – can be used to concoct a heavenly meal or beat up the occasional burglar.