Matsuda Ryuji


Family Name Matsuda
Given Name Ryuji
Aliases Ero-baka (to his close friends), the prince of Azabu, Ironman
Level 4
Gender Male
Age 16


Ryuji is considered to be an extremely handsome boy that attends Azabu Academy. He is often called the prince of the Academy by the female persuasion. He is tall at a height of 6'0 and has an angular face and almost shining golden hair that complements his azure blue eyes. He has a lean body type and has a nice smile. His skin is lightly tan, almost like bronze.


Ryuji is very polite and kind. He smiles at everyone and is willing to help anyone in need. However this is only one side of his personality that he allows most people to see. The other side? He is incredibly perverted and lecherous. So much so that he can tell a girls three sizes from just a glance. Probably doesn't help that his mom has a job as a seamstress. However perverted he may be, he also considers himself a champion of women and hates rapists and molesters. (For you guys who need a bit more than that think a combination of the tropes Chivalrous Pervert and Lovable Sex Maniac)
He is also a huge mama's boy.

The reason for Ryuji's disposition is his mother. Ryuji doesn't know his father and it is not because he is dead. You see Ryuji's mother is just as if not more perverted than he is. She also suffers from Nymphomania. She has no idea who Ryuji's father is. However she has been trying to better herself since Ryuji came into her life. To try and provide him with a stable male role model she has been dating a lot better instead of very loosely. Her longest lasting relationship lasted about 8 months and was with a Tennis instructor. Due to the multiple male influences in his life Ryuji has a multitude of talents. One of his greatest is his musical ability. He is amazingly talented at playing the violin and Saxophone.

For all his faults Ryuji has a heart of gold. Just be careful if your wearing a skirt around him.


Esper Ability


Basic Function

This power is the ability to mentally control any and all metals

Additional Uses

Ryuji's Esper ability is Metallokinesis. He can mentally manipulate and affect all metals. For example he could use the metal from a light post and form it into a sword. He could also take a manhole cover and increase it's density to for a makeshift shield.

For this power Ryuji can control these metals in various ways. He can increase or decrease their density, turn them into a liquid form, repair or break metal objects, affect/change their conductivity. He can use metal to form weapons or armor. He can even fuse metals should he choose to do so.

Physical Traits

Lean Body: Ryuji has participated in a multitude of sports. As such he has a very lean body.

Incredible Handsomeness: Ryuji is stupidly good looking and will sometimes exploit this fact. When he and his mother are together they are referred to at the Gilded Duet.

Mental Traits

3 Sizes Scan: Ryuji can tell any girls three sizes from a simple glance. Ryuji considers this to be his greatest ability

Highly intelligent: As Ryuji attends Azabu it goes without saying that he is highly intelligent. He manages to maintain a high B average with minimal studying. With Moderate studying he can maintain straight A's

Highly Perverted: Ryuji is incredibly perverted though he isn't quite open about it. After all the girls usually come to him so admiring their forms is easier.

Notable Equipment:

Phone: Ryuji has a phone that one of his mother's previous boyfriends bought him. It is fairly pricey and He takes very good care of it.

Academy City database: This is Ryuji's most prized possession. It is a notebook on the stats of almost every girl in Academy city. Ryuji tends to make alterations as new data and girls pop up. However he does not rate them. After all the female form has many different pleasing sights. No rating system could do it justice.

Saxophone Case: This is merely a case that Ryuji uses he carry his saxophone. After all there is nothing like a little bit of music to soothe the soul.