Marcielle Miavette

Tokigawa Corporation

Family Name Miavette
Given Name Marcielle
Aliases Marc, Marcy, Fafnir(self-given)
Level 3
Gender Male
Age 15

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Slightly on the short side. He's the average height for an eastern teenage girl of equivalent age. His blonde hair is a bit of a curiosity as it is completely straight but naturally curls up at the ends. His normally blue eyes sometimes darken even when not using his powers. He has a carefree and content look about him most of the time, eyes wide open in wonder of the world. He looks slightly younger than he is because of his height and child-like face and is sometimes mistaken for a grade schooler.


Dichotomous. Usuallly, he either hates or loves something with very little in between. He is outgoing and friendly to the point of seeming like the child he resembles. He always tries to like everyone he meets so he comes off as a bit naive at first. However, a sharp, and chaotic, intellect lies just beneath the surface.
He likes having fun most of all and will try to tag along with anything that looks fun. He likes clowning around and will jump into anything headlong and smiling.
When he gets down to business his demeanor changes somewhat. He maintains the smile but it looks forced. He stands back, analyzes and goes all out. He has been trained to achieve objectives as efficiently as possible by his 'benefactors'.


Esper Ability Entropic Engine

Basic Function

Marc has the power to drain any recognizable form of energy from an area. He refers to this as 'eating' it. Though highly unlikely that drained energy is actually destroyed, there is no method capable of tracing 'eaten' energy. Marc can tell different energies apart by 'taste'(Marc's own words). The area usually originates from his right eye and spreads out as a cone but he can manifest it as a sphere centering his right eye instead. This, however, means he is also caught in the area of effect since he cannot exclude any are within it. There is also touch range where he affects whatever he touches. This has the highest rate of drain and takes the form of a thin field emanating from his body like a second skin. Everything he is touching is affected including his clothes, anything he happens to be sitting, etc.
There is no known limit to the amount of energy he can 'eat' but there are heavy restrictions on rate of drain and change in area. The more 'physical' an energy is, the harder it is to drain and the opposite applies to 'purer' energy types. Effort required scales quadratically from pure to physical end of scale. Draining the light from an area is easy and near instantaneous but stopping a normal punch by absorbing kinetic takes full concentration and is very tiring. Powerful insulators and wide areas/long distances negatively affect rate. Maximum range nears half a football field.

Additional Uses

Nuclear - Nuclear chain reactions are very carefully balanced and as such very susceptible to Marc's power. 'Blackout' refers to the incident where Marc joined a rabid environmentalist group thinking it was a parade and helped them shut down a nuclear power plant. This incident is what first drew the attention of the 'benefactors'.
Electricity - Aside from normal uses, Marc can drain all electrical impulses from a creature's nervous system, temporarily locking down all their senses and physical actions. Because of the nerves own powerful insulation, touch range is required for anything more than a slight numbing effect.
Gravity - Although a 'purest' form energy, gravity's source is endless and overwhelming, meaning he cannot cancel it completely. However, while actively 'eating' it, he can make things much lighter.
Chemical - He can drain chemical energy from a creature, making them tired and weak. Since it is very far on the physical side of the scale, Marc will normally end up as exhausted as his target.
Electrostatic forces - By 'eating' the very energy holding a material together, he can disintegrate objects. This is the ultimate on the physical scale so he is hard pressed to destroy so much as 1 pound before having to stop due to exhaustion and headaches.

Physical Traits

Moderate training - Has been receiving extra training arranged by 'benefactors'. Significantly more fit and agile than average student but still no combat training. Yet.
Pale - Pretty darn pale for no particular reason
What the heck are you wearing? - Likes outlandish clothes(not nescesary clothes themselves, can be wyrd accessories) though he seldom wears them.

Mental Traits

Wired for action - On top of regular training from school, benefactors arrange special sessions weekly.
By your side - Will aid another's cause just to see what it's like fighting for the cause with little regard to the cause itselfw
Lollygagin - Marcy is devoted to kickin back and havin good times in general
Normal? - Despite being wyrd as heck and having an unconventional upbringing, Marc registers no major psychological instabilities.

Notable Equipment:

Walkman- Almost never goes anywhere without it. Funnily enough, he seldom listens to actual music. He just likes how his custom oversized headphones look and feel.
Card deck - Cutey chibi theme.
Spirit band - Has a plastic part that he can write on with marker and then erase so he can keep on changing the message on it. Usually in his school bad/pockets.
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[[tab Tropes]]
[] This may or may not be intentional
[] Minomaru - at least in Marc's eyes
[] Form of the Voidwalker - See first post
[] Likes exaggerations in general
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False King Rock