Krystal Jones

Tokiwadai Middle School

Family Name Jones
Given Name Krystal
Aliases Wave Reader (self given)
Level 2
Gender Female
Age 14


Krystal's hair is white, with a fine texture to it. She keeps it fairly short. Her eyes are silver in color, making her pupils stand out. She's of fairly average build for somebody her age, if a little short. Outside of school, she tends to wear jeans, sneakers, tube tops/tank tops, and a denim jacket. She also usually wears a necklace with a clear crystal hanging from it. She calls it her good luck charm.


Overall, Krystal is what somebody might call a good person. She'll look out for her friends, and help people when needed. She's fairly easy going. The fact that she has powers has gone to her head a little. Given that she's a huge fan of comics, she kind of sees herself as a superhero. Which leads to some awkward situations. This also led to her giving herself her alias. She thinks it sounds like a cool superhero name.


Electromagnetic Spectrum Analysis

Basic Function

Krystal can sense, analyze, and reproduce electromagnetic radiation. She can't control existing radiation at all. When she produces it, it comes out as a kind of aura by default, traveling from her in all directions. The lower the radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum is, the longer she can sustain it, as it has less energy. If she concentrates enough, she can focus the radiation to a beam. This increases the distance it can travel, though it also takes more energy to produce. Sensing and analyzing the radiation takes little to no energy. Though, while she analyzes it, she has to cut out most of her other senses as her brain processes the data. Which means she'll lose her sight, smell, and hearing while she does this, leaving only touch and taste available. When she produces the radiation, it carries all the same properties as when it is normally produced. So, she could produce radio waves that can be picked up by radios, and transmit messages through them.

The ability to analyze and produce these types of radiation also makes her immune to them, though only at the level that she can make them. So, until she can produce ultraviolet radiation, she can still get sunburn.

She is not able to manipulate photons beyond the basic production of the radiation.

The distance they can travel increases as she increases her ability. Since all of the radiation travels at the speed of light, what determines the distance it can travel is the wavelength. The smaller the wavelength, the further it can travel at the same energy.

Level 1: Can sense, analyze, and produce radio waves.

Level 2: Can sense, analyze, and produce microwaves.

Level 3: Can sense, analyze, and produce infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet radiation.

Level 4: Can sense, analyze, and produce x-rays.

Level 5: Can sense, analyze, and produce gamma rays.

Additional Uses

She has gotten a very good hold on her radio wave manipulation abilities. Things that utilize radio waves in clude televisions, radios, cell phones, and even some wireless networking. Some Wi-Fi uses low end microwaves instead, so she has a little bit more trouble with those, not having fully grasped her microwave abilities yet.

Given that fiber optic cables work by transmitting data through specific light patterns, Krystal could, in theory, do the same thing. However, the only types of waves she knows how to transmit data through are radio waves.

Physical Traits

Krystal is fit for her age, but not athletic. Aside from her hair and eyes, she doesn't have any notable physical qualities.

Mental Traits

Krystal has average intelligence, though she may sometimes be a little slow on picking up concepts. When she's analyzing waves, though, she's very fast to process the information. She is able to pick up on computer programs fairly quick. She also enjoys clay sculpting.

Notable Equipment:

Krystal tends to always wear her necklace, even if she has to hide it. Her shoulder bag, meant for school books, will usually have a few comics in it.