Koto Tachibana-Bauer

Tokiwadai Middle School

Family Name Tachibana-Bauer
Given Name Koto
Aliases Fluffy
Level 3
Gender Female
Age 15


Koto is a petite, childish looking girl for her age. Only standing at 5’3” she has a bit of a Napoleon Complex over her height. She will not outwardly show her annoyance if called ‘short’. But for those that know her, they are well aware of her dislike of being called out for her short stature.

Her skin comes off as a pale tone, but is actually a very soft peach. Koto’s eyes normally are a sky blue color, but when activated by her ability change to a spectrum of purples and pinks. But this is only for a brief few seconds and the people whom see it are normally the ones that she is using her Mnemokinesis on. So the color of her eyes when in an active state is never remembered and a still a mystery.

Koto’s hair is actually where she got her nickname from Yuuma. It’s color is a light brown almost beige. But the fact that it’s wavy and has volume to where it looks like you could pat it down and it would puff back up is why she is known as Fluffy. Her hair is always left down with a headband parting bangs and back of her hair from each other. Occasionally, she will put her hair in pigtails, but it is very rare.

She wears her Tokiwadai uniform proudly, but there are times when she feels like wearing other clothing. When she does, it is normally girly, frilly, and ranges in the colors; Blues, Pinks, Yellows, Browns, Greens, and Blacks. Her outfits always have a matching headband, hair clips, or ribbons, no matter what.


Koto is often mistaken as a perfectionist and an ice queen do to her lack of interaction with other students and dedication to her schoolwork. She is dedicated in keeping up with her schoolwork to the point of staying up into the night to study and make notes to study when she’s on her way to class. She keeps up with her Esper ability level, despite her uncanny fear of her ability going awry and harming either herself or her target.
She is not one for fights and would rather talk out the problem and resolve it with words. But if backed into a corner, she may very well fight back if her friends are brought in or if someone messes up her clothes. Otherwise, she normally has ways of diverting her opponent’s attention and getting away without the use of her ability.

Koto tends to speak with a soft, almost whisper-like, but cheerful voice, when people try to make conversation with her. Even with friends she still talks softly, but raise her voice just a little more because she feels more comfortable around them. With friends, she is more open than at school. She tends to joke around and laugh a lot. This tends to cause loads of confusion to other schoolmates who see her, since they are use to how she is in class.

In reality, she is a ditzy girl, who actually enjoys conversation, and is mistaken for someone totally different because of her introvert appearance. She is a lot more outspoken and hands on with super close friends, and more open to giving her opinion or talking out her problems with them. Even with her close friends, and knowing them for a long time, she can be a bit oblivious to their jokes, and take them seriously.


++Esper Ability: Memory Manipulation (Mnemokinesis)

++ Basic Function: An off branch of Mentokinesis, that should not be confused with mind reading. Koto’s can control as well as modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view mental memories. Koto can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern, or provoke nostalgia. Normally, a Mnemokinesis user can affect their own memories selectively forgetting as they see fit. Koto cannot due to the weakness of her version of Mnemokinesis.

It takes direct eye contact for Koto to establish a mental link with her target(s). It takes up to 4 seconds for her eyes to activate the ability. But when it is activated, her eye color changes for the brief 4 seconds. Then her ability goes to work on the target(s) at hand.

Koto rarely uses her ability outside of training, but when she has. It has normally been to dispel creepers or people that have tried to harm her friends. She has never used her ability in order to put someone in harm.

++ Additional Uses

Level 0: Koto is capable of simple memory manipulation at this point if put into a staring contest with someone for more than 30 seconds. This is normally done in arguments or backed into a wall with no other way out.
-Target’s memory reverts to normal in less than 10 minutes.

Level 1: Koto’s eye contact is decreased by 10 seconds, making it direct eye contact for 20 seconds. Her ability has increased to being able to create, wipe, or alter simple memories of a single target.
-Target’s memory reverts to normal in about an hour or so.

Level 2: Koto’s eye contact has decreased to 10 seconds, while her targeting has increased to 2 subjects. At this point, she can create, wipe, or alter stronger memories of a target(s) and unlock hidden memories of said target(s).
-Target(s) memory reverts to normal in about a day or less.

Level 3: Eye contact has significantly decreased to 3 seconds and her targeting has increased to up to 4 subjects. She can now wipe, alter, or create small amounts of memories from target(s). As well as recover old or damaged memories.
-Target(s) memory reverts to normal in a week or less.

Level 4: Koto just needs direct eye contact for her ability to work now. Her targeting has increased up to a small group of 12 subjects. She can alter, erase, create, repair, and recover memories on a greater scale than before. She can even going as far as to wipe a small clump of memories of target(s).
-Target(s) memory may or may not revert to normal in a month at this point.

Level 5: Her Mnemokinesis automatically starts up with just slight eye contact. There is no more need to wait. She is the strongest she can be with her ability. At this point she can target large groups with the help of reflective surfaces or broadcasting. She can easily wipe target(s) memories completely and create new ones giving the target(s) a new life.
-Target(s) memory no longer reverts to normal.

++ Ability’s Weakness:

Because Koto’s ability takes so much concentration to alter memories, there are many limits that can cause harm to her. If she loses concentration, pressured, or rushed her ability indirectly alters her memories in some way shape or form. She will not be able to tell which memories where harmed.

There is a chance that using her skill on multiple people can cause her to get overwhelmed by their memories. If it happens there is a small chance that she might confuse her own memories with someone else’s if it leaked into her memory.

Those with Retrocognition and Perspicuity are resistant to her ability.

Physical Traits:

Strength: Despite Koto’s small, fluffy appearance, she can hit and kick pretty hard. This is thanks to Yuuma’s constant teasing of her and her own determination to protect herself. (She has only ever uses her strength on Yuuma because he always, ALWAYS deserves it.)
Speed: Koto is decent at running and jumping thanks to track and field. Hurdles and long distance running are her favorite activities during P.E.
Flexibility: Koto is quite flexible, but she never really has to use it unless put into a situation where it’s needed. Nor does she show off her flexibility.
Balance: Koto has horrible balance and most likely can be seen tripping over her own feet, or imaginary objects.

Mental Traits:

Obsessive-Compulsive: Koto is overly concerned when it comes to her clothes. To the point she carries an extra set just incase they are dirtied. If someone so much as gets a smudge on her uniform or nice clothes, she normally has some not so pretty words for them.
Ommetaphobia: Koto will never, ever, ever look a someone straight in the eyes out of fear that her ability will go off on its own. This unnerving fear has caused her to have quite a few panic attacks, mostly in public areas that have mirrors or reflective surfaces.
Ambivert: Koto is often mistaken for an introverted person because she enjoys studying and training by herself. As well as keeping away from large crowds. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy social interaction on a small scale.
Concentration: Koto prefers to concentrate on a single activity at a time due to the large amount of concentration needed for her to use her ability. If her concentration is broken from what she is doing currently, she tends to get frustrated with herself more than the person or thing that disrupted her focus.

Notable Equipment:

Book Bag: Used to carry her school supplies and extra set of clothes.
Locket: Has the pictures of her parents inside of it.
Headband: Always has some kind of headband in her hair, when it is down.
Cellphone/Phone charm: To keep in contact with close friends and her parents when they are not busy. The phone charm was a good-bye present from someone important to her before she was sent to Academy City.