Kiyoshi Jirou

Onizuka Middle School

Family Name Kiyoshi
Given Name Jirou
Aliases None
Level 3
Gender Male
Age 15


Simply put, Jirou looks like a troublemaker. Blessed with height but not beauty, strength but not finesse, he seems every bit the typical delinquent. His habitually messy hair and clothing go out of the way to reinforce this impression, suggesting that he either approves of or has given up trying to fight it. The real irony, though, is that despite all these menacing features…he really doesn't look all that intimidating. He's certainly big and strong, but he just doesn't have the presence to be truly menacing.


Jirou's attitude is at first glance hard to pin down, not least because Jirou himself isn't quite sure of it either. Sometimes he's loud and aggressive, challenging people to fights on the slightest pretence. Others he's subdued and seemingly indifferent, as if he's above all petty concerns. Still others he's just another background member of any social group that will take him.

The truth is that he's really none of those things; He's just confused. When his Esper abilities matured Jirou suddenly went from being an unregarded nobody into a moderately visible 'talent'. Now he wants more. Above all else he simply wants to be noticed and respected by those around him, but has no idea how to go about doing that. So instead he just flip-flops, alternately trying to be feared, admired or just accepted. Sometimes he even succeeds…for a little while.



Jirou has the ability to disrupt the basic form of concrete matter. With only a slight effort he can cause objects to rapidly lose their form, converting them to an inert dustlike substance in a matter of seconds. Nonliving targets can be reliably affected within a range of about 100 feet, while living matter can't be affected at all.

Physical Traits

Strong: Jirou has above average physical strength.
Judo: Since his Esper ability neutralises most ranged offence, Jirou has taken the time to become trained in close combat grappling. This has proved very useful, since ranged weapons don't tend to fare well against his powers.

Mental Traits

Language (English): Jirou has a decent (if accented) command of the english language.
Mahjong skill: Jirou is surprisingly adept at playing Riichi Mahjong. He only got into the game because it was popular, but quickly developed a liking for it on its own merits. His strange waits and habit of disguising discards make his hands hard to read, as well as showing a subtlety which is unfortunately absent in his dealings outside the table.