Ketsueki Takahashi

Jaguar Leader

Family Name Takahashi
Given Name Ketsueki
Aliases Blood Wolf
Level 0
Gender Male
Age 25


Ketsueki is about 2 meters tall. He has short dark hair, pale skin, black eyes, and a defined face. There's a stubble growing on his chin. He usually wears a light t-shirt and dark blue jeans. A bat is usually in his hands most of the time.


If you met Ketsueki on the street, you'd notice something… off about him. Maybe it's the way he smiles in a psychopathic way while he beats you to near-death, maybe it's the way he talks so calmly and happily about killing people while you fall into unconciousness, maybe it's how he laughs while you try to ineffectly fight back. Whatever the reason, you'd think he's crazy. You'd be right. Ketsueki is Anti-Social, Psychopathic, Insane, and all around not the person you'd want to be at a party with. He doesn't even cry at pain; he just laughs. He enjoys fighting, and seems to start fights for no other reason than he's bored.
Simply put, he's insane.


Physical Traits

Any significant physical ability not gained from psychic power
Good Spatial Awareness: He's good at telling the space between something.
Can Speak Mandarin: Eh.
A Whole Slew of Psychological Disorders: Yep!

Mental Traits

Any significant mental trait not gained from psychic power
Proficient in a whole bunch of weapons: Swords, blunt weapons, projectile weapons. Almost anything it seems.
Fast runner: Like hell he is.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Item: Effects of Item