Keishi Benjamin

Onizuka Middle School
Third Year Home Room Sensei
Personal Reality Metaphysics Sensei
Japanese Literature Sensei
Interview and Interrogation Specialist
Captain of Internal Affairs
Captain of Anti Skill Special Response Team

Family Name Keishi 兄支
Given Name Benjamin 紅寺万
Aliases "Ben", "Benkei", "Saito no Benkei"
Level 4
Gender Male
Age 25


Benjamin, being half-American, has slightly darker skin and a slight curl to his hair. Benjamin is also tall at around two meters in height, with a light build. Coming from a military family he dresses neatly, and is rarely seen outside of his plain grey suit, excepting his Anti-Skill SRT uniform.


Benjamin is a new instructor at Onizuka Middle School and Tokiwadai Middle School. Since the passing of his mother he has learned to become an effective, oftentimes exemplary cook. Ben is initially quiet but will launch into a flurry of discussion when prompted about his hobbies or fields of expertise.


Simulacrum - Ben has a limited ability to create copies of himself. He and the copies seem to possess no other latent psychic ability, and are otherwise unexceptional.

ESPer Ability


Basic Function

Ben can create a series of "clones" through a mental effort apparently involving indecision. When forcing himself to make a choice, Ben creates a dimensional flux. A result of this fluctuation is a copy of Ben is created which acts as he would had he made the opposing choice. Ben can presently sustain the clone for a limited time before he must seek it out and "merge" with it, eliminating the dimensional fluctuation. Ben:0 then receives all information Ben:1 obtained during their time apart. Tests on Ben's physical "clone" reveal gradual differences in latent radioactivity, suggesting the clone comes from a separate reality with slightly different physical properties. However, the clone is aware of little or no difference between his reality and this one. Creating and merging with the clone leaves Ben feeling temporarily physically and mentally fatigued.

Additional Uses

Multiplication: While presently limited, during tests, Ben:0 has been able to create up to fifteen clones (Ben:1a, Ben:1b, Ben:1c, etc.). These clones last exponentially less time. When one clone is present, Ben:1 can exist for slightly over 60 hours before Ben becomes nauseous, dubbed "Separation Fatigue," with "Forced Merger" occurring at around 4 hours later. When two clones are present, Forced Merger occurs at 42 hours, 40 minutes; when three clones are present, 32 hours; and so on. Upon creation of the fifteenth clone, Ben:0 immediately suffers from Separation Fatigue, and Forced Merger occurs in 4 hours or less. Instances of Forced Merger are often violent, with Ben suffering from a range of symptoms including headaches, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, subdermal hematoma, and in rare cases hairline skeletal fracture. The severity of the side effects seems to correlate with the distance Ben and the clone are apart when Forced Merger occurs. Predictably, Ben endeavors to avoid Forced Merger.

Exponentiation: Additionally, Ben:1 also possesses Ben:0's Simulacrum ability, allowing him to create Ben:2 who also possesses the Simulacrum ability and can create Ben:3. However, the exponential decay of the onset time of Separation Fatigue remains consistent. Early attempts to have Ben:3 create the hypothetical "Ben:4," resulted in Ben:0's immediate loss of consciousness and Forced Merger of all clones. Although Benjamin's ability has improved, any attempt to force his ability while exhausted results in Forced Merger.

Imaginary Number: When concentrating, Ben:0 can create a clone which only physically exists within the electromagnetic spectrum. This pseudo-clone produces no body heat and is incapable of physically manipulating anything which was not in its possession upon creation. The pseudo-clone is also incapable of hearing or being heard, but can communicate through the radio which is always in Ben's possession. The pseudo-clone lasts about as long as a second generation clone, and is only capable of creating other pseudo clones.

Remainder: Certain items in Ben's possession, such as his clothing and radio transceiver automatically duplicate upon manifesting a clone, so his clone is wearing a matching set. Other items, which Ben is less likely to be carrying constantly, do not duplicate. In trials, Benjamin necessitated a full day's possession before items began to duplicate, and approximately four day's possession before they were guaranteed to duplicate. The item in question typically needed to be held or carried at all times during this period.

Update: (3/23) The clones possess their own will, and it is impossible to convince them to do anything Ben:0 could not be convinced to do.

Update: (4/15) Presently it takes approximately thirty seconds for Ben to manifest a clone. Merger is instantaneous.

Update: (4/24) Information above is based on Benjamin's results from his third System Scan. As of the most recent System Scan, his abilities have improved dramatically, but the mechanics remain the same. See Research Attachment for Fourth System Scan.

Physical Traits

Any significant physical ability not gained from psychic power
Welterweight: Benjamin is fit and healthy. His work with Anti-Skill keeps him in peak physical condition.
Bespectacled: Benjamin is slightly far sighted and wears a pair of thin black rimmed glasses to read, which he is often seen doing.
Spring Chant: Benjamin, at maximum clone capacity, devotes at least two hours a day to the practice of Wing Chun. Although, he has been practicing since the age of seven, his rate of improvement has increased dramatically as a result of his ESPer ability. He practically takes over the District 7 Shao Lin Deet, every night between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Mental Traits

The following elements of Benjamin's personality are worth noting:
Gun Nut: Ben, coming from a military family, is an avid firearms enthusiast. Ben enjoys Airgun competitions during his days off and has an extensive collection of Airguns. As a result, when handling firearms, he displays a very mature level of care, is familiar with loading and maintenance, and exhibits an impressive level of accuracy. One of his clones spends at least two hours a day at the firing range.
Radio Head: Ben, coming from a military family, is familiar with military jargon, and radio communication procedure. As a result, when communicating over the airwaves, he is a capable listener and speaker, and exhibits the accuracy, brevity, and clarity of a professional.
Bilingual Ben speaks fluent English, with a slight Louisiana Creole French accent, but heavily influenced by his native Honichi Kyushu dialect.
Patient Ben is not quick to offer his opinion or speak out, and quietly listens to anyone who speaks to him.
Update: (04/17) During a routine interview with the department psychiatrist, Ben's responses suggested his patience stems from the belief that if he would rather be doing something else at any given moment, he probably is, by way of his clones.
Decisive Ben is confident in decisions he makes, acting upon events very quickly. Ben often displays an abnormal level of calm.
Update: (04/17) During a routine interview with the department psychiatrist, Ben's responses suggested his decisiveness stems from the belief that if he is unsure what choice to make he can choose more than one, and choose from the better outcome afterwards.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Walkie Talkie: Ben is never seen without his Mizuho MX-6S(T) radio transceiver. The radio is replicated along with his clones allowing them to communicate at any distance. While old, the Mizuho is apparently a gift from his mother (Deceased).
Reading Material: Ben is usually in possession of a textbook or other educational material. Common texts include AIM Field Theory, Subjective Reality 3rd Edition, Sun Tzu's The Art of War Japanese Translation, and The Pursuit of SYSTEM Foreword by Aleister Crowley.