Kasusa Sakurako

Tokiwadai Middle School, Judgment

Family Name Kasusa
Given Name Sakurako
Aliases None
Level 4
Gender Female
Age 15


Sakurako is a petite girl with red hair that she's dyed to a deeper crimson color out of vanity, which she wears down to just past her shoulders but tied back in a long pony-tail held in place by twin green orbs. She has an open and friendly face, making it easy to tell what she's thinking about most of the time, and generally complies with Tokiwaida's dress code about wearing the school uniform even on days off. Thus she's usually seen in the sweater-vest/dress shirt/skirt combo.

There are however a couple odd additions to her school uniform though. The first is a pair of bloomers underneath her skirt because teleporting one's self upside down could accidentally cause a fair bit of embarrassment. The second is the green armband signifying she's a member of Judgment, though she'll often stash this out of sight. Finally there are two bands around her upper thighs where numerous large metal spikes are stashed as well as a pair of Judgment handcuffs or two.

Sakurako possesses a feminine figure in the sense she has no reason to be overly jealous of most other girls, but she is also rather lean because of all the agility training she needs to practice.


Mischievous, vibrant, full of life, and a joy to be around. Sakurako takes a great delight in playing small practical jokes, not out of any intent to harm but because the reactions amuse her to no end. It's making her friends and associates slightly uncomfortable or embarrassed that's the draw for her, something that has gotten her beaten by her class-mates several times for 'accidentally' going too far. Not that she minds, sometimes you have to suffer consequences for your actions. The red-haired girl is also rather open about her attraction to other girls, but only in the sense she doesn't believe it's something shameful, something she should try to hide, or the only thing that makes up who she is. In her own words…

"So I prefer the fairer sex, so what? I also like greasy American food, but no one seems to care about that. Why should this be any different?"

That hasn't stopped her using this to tease others though…

On duty, she maintains the same cheerful manner but is much more serious, especially when it's come to someone who has harmed other people without a good cause. While not a pacifist, she believes violence doesn't solve too much on it's own and thus doesn't play around when subduing a suspect, seeking to end it quickly and cleanly with minimal people hurt.

At Tokiwadai, she's known for good grades (most of the time) and for tutoring younger students in her off time. Her room-mate has remarked that Sakurako spends most of the time in their room writing emails or preparing videos to send back to her family, especially her little sister.


Instant Teleportation

As a Level 4, Sakurako's ability to teleport objects begins to take on an almost fantastic turn. She is capable of teleporting an object into another object. Rather then end up destroying the object or being unable to perform the teleportation, the object she's teleporting will displace the surrounding material until it occupies the space Sakurako intends it to. In such a fashion she can teleport nails into the ground to pin an opponent or slice through cement and steel with a pane of regular glass. However, she's only capable of teleporting objects (not living creatures) that she can touch. In addition, the only objects she can teleport weigh below 285 to 295 pounds as long as she knows where the 'end point' is in relation to herself, and can be teleported up to 265 to 275 feet away. Thus she can teleport an object to somewhere she can't see, but it's difficult unless she was recently at that location.

However, her aim is not perfect and on an ill-aimed teleport, what she was sending could end up to five feet away from where she intended so she always takes a moment to collect herself before attempting to teleport something. In addition it requires intense focus and spatial awareness to get a jump down right, so if something disrupts her focus then it can take upwards of half a minute to get back into the right frame of mind. Even something is as seemingly minor as a good punch or kick will disrupt her concentration if she isn't prepared for it.

Additional Uses

She may also teleport herself at the same range (within sight) though she can now 'safely' teleport herself to locations she can't see up to fifty feet away. Though unless she has memorized the 'end point', she risks teleporting herself into an object and possibly harming herself, meaning shorter jumps are still safer. In theory she can teleport another person, but she is so intensely unwilling to risk someone else's life in such a manner that she's formed a mental block against that possible use of her powers.

Physical Traits

Jujutsu: As useful as it is to teleport, she only carries around fifteen spikes at a time and she usually can't collect them again in the middle of a fight usually. To this end she's competent in jujutsu, but for actual fighting as opposed to tournament fighting.
Good Singer: No application in fighting of any kind, Sakurako just likes to sing and is surprisingly good at it.
First Aid Training: Practically a prerequisite for any self-respecting Judgment member, especially if they have an active interest in helping people.

Mental Traits

Spatial Awareness: This is a must for her Instant Teleportation to work. If she doesn't know where she's sending something, she can't send it there.
Good With Computers: Partially Judgment training, partially a skill she's acquired from living in Academy City. If something is low security she might be able to access it. If it's medium security then she can ATTEMPT to get access but will likely fail. High security computerized systems are so utterly beyond her it's not even funny.

Notable Equipment:

Fourteen Steel Spikes: Used to non-lethally detain a suspect.
Two sets of Handcuffs Same use as above, used to detain a suspect until Anti-Skill can pick them up.
Cell Phone: Sakurako isn't particularly…known for keeping her cellphone charged or on her person, but her cellphone is still quite memorable to those who know her. It's pink with numerous little 'good luck charms' dangling from it. It's one of the newer ones in Academy City even.