Kanazuchi Kazumi

Tokiwadai Middle School

Family Name Kanazuchi
Given Name Kazumi
Aliases None
Level 3
Gender Female
Age 14


A modest, average height junior high school student, often Kazumi wears her hair in a ponytail. Sometimes she does not wear her hair in a ponytail, but if she is to fight, she will always pull it back. Dressed in the school uniform of that famous school, when not, she wears functional clothes that is easy to move in. Of course she likes fashionable things, but unfortunately those often it seems are destroyed too easily in a fight. She often has a bandage somewhere too. Most of the time it seems to move to a different place every week.


A strong-headed girl, Kazumi is the person who will never betray her beliefs or her friends. She is the kind of person you either love as a friend, or hate and think annoying as a rival. Though she is normally fairly relaxed, when she gets excited or angry, she is difficult to stop (even for herself). With this kind of explosive personality, she has many bad nicknames - though people don't say these to her face. She is an 'temper-head' girl who is well used to fights. Still, she does act like a fairly normal junior high school student (she just 'seems to be drawn into fights often'). She has a strange reputation because she is admired for standing up for weaker students, but maybe she is not a model 'princess' of Tokiwadai. It is rumored she has to attend extra lessons on correct behavior as a punishment often. She likes red things.


Enduring Bastion

Basic Function

Enduring Bastion is a defensive skill that is somewhere between a force field and endurance booster. At the highest levels, a person might be able to get hit many times by things like bullets easily, with no marks or bleeding. But it is much more effective against blunt force trauma or physical objects (instead of say, electricity or fire). Still, feelings of things like pain and exhaustion are much much slower for Kazumi, which may let them do things that are frankly insane, like being able to keep fighting with a broken arm, or when burned. Kazumi earned her first nickname when she jumped off of a bridge to stop a criminal who was being chased by Judgment below. She was uninjured. She also holds a school record in the marathon running because she does not become tired easily. In last year's City Sports Festival she was undefeated in the marathon races.


Enduring Bastion has a few drawbacks- Kazumi doesn't sleep very well because 'she's not tired.' Most of the time that people see her 'sleeping, she is faking it. Because she can still be injured and not just notice the pain, she can push her body beyond what it can do - but at the end of the day she will be in the hospital with a certain frog-faced doctor.
Though the ability allows her to stop many attacks with her body (like a shield), kinetic energy will still come through, if she is hit by a car (for example), the car will likely not stop. But she will. If she is punched, there is still force behind it though maybe it won't bruise or feel painful. The biggest drawback is probably a feeling of 'invincibility.' But it is surely not the case. To think so is dangerous, for Kazumi. But it is also necessary, because her 'Personal Reality is an 'I cannot be stopped!' expression.


It is a manipulation of the AIM field on the skin to increase toughness. So it is like being covered in steel , or to think of a barrier covering the skin and surrounds the nerves. Being primarily a forcefield power, but also an endurance one, it is more of an 'internal' power based off of Personal Reality. The more determined and confident she is, the harder it is to stop her (and for her to stop herself). The opposite, of being less confident in herself, hurts her ability.


The legendary 'technique' of Kazumi, it is a name in rumors by other students (she doesn't call it of course by such a name). She punches with vicious force. Maybe because she doesn't care if she injures her hand. Certainly she is a 'melee fighter.'