Kan Kei

Level 5 Azabu Student

Family Name Kan 完
Given Name Kei 慶
Aliases None
Level Human
Gender Male
Age 15


Kei has black shaggy shoulder length hair that's short in the front. His eyes are dark brown. He’s slim and well muscled. He wears his uniform in and outside of school. Kei usually has a look of sly confidence and a carefree air about him. His skin is lightly tanned. His face is smooth, handsome and generally considered pretty friendly looking. He only puts on his Judgment armband when he’s actively patrolling.


Kei is an easygoing and friendly person. He’s kind but not to a fault. He has a good sense of humour and is a pretty tolerant guy in general. He doesn’t really take any pride in being a member of Judgment or getting great grades. Being in the organization is just a way for him to pass time and get some occasional excitement. He could use his power on himself but he chooses not to do so because he’d like to solve any problems he has without special aids. He also doesn’t use his powers on people unless he is first given permission or he is fighting to protect someone. He figures others probably feel the way he does and even if they don’t he respects their right not to have their minds tampered with. Kei doesn’t mind school and studying. He’s simply developed good habits and is indifferent towards it. He doesn’t feel it gets in the way of his life, he fully accepts it as part of it. He enjoys reading for educational and entertainment purposes. He likes to keep himself in top shape and prefers martial arts over any other sports because of the unique individual challenge they provide.


Esper Ability: Bliss Maker

Kei has the power to make people experience pleasure just by looking at them. The pleasure generated can be very slight or far stronger than any other known kind. It can be so overwhelming that it hampers the usage of powers by afflicted espers. It can also cause temporary or total paralysis, numbing of senses, disorientation, loss of coordination and concentration, unconsciousness and even death by over-stimulation. Kei is able to choose whether a target feels physical or mental pleasure or a combination of the two. He can target individual areas of the body or its entirety. He is able to creating many different forms of pleasure in a person such as the feeling of calm contentment or energetic excitement. Another example would be making someone feel pleasantly numb as if under anesthesia or highly stimulated by a massage.

Kei can counteract any pain felt by an injury using his powers as well as relieve mental and physical stress and suppress emotions. A person frozen by fear or depression can be made to overcome such feelings temporarily. A person filled with anger and the intent to harm Kei could have his violent emotional urges momentarily suppressed making any remaining active desire to attack him largely based on logic. Someone that tries to attack him with little logical motivation might lose all interest in continuing their assault. Kei’s power doesn’t rid people of negative feelings by default. It drowns them out with positive feelings. Sometimes people may shed certain emotions and desires because the experience is so moving. It’s possible for people exposed to his ability to develop an addiction to it but it isn’t necessarily inherently addictive to anyone.

Kei can emit an aura of psychic energy that makes anyone within its radius feel whatever type of pleasure he desires. It is much weaker than a focused use of his power but prolonged exposure to it can cause the same serious effects of regular use of Bliss Maker. A person will need to be exposed to the aura much longer to fall unconscious than to his stare for example. The farther from the center people are the longer it takes to significantly affect them. This field of energy can gradually grow greatly in size to the point that its maximum range has yet to be determined. It does not expand at a rate that makes it hard for an average person to outrun it. One could easily do so. Kei can choose not to affect certain people with this ability if he is allowed a moment to learn their particular psychic signature.

Kei is able to beneficially use Bliss Maker on people over vast distances whose signatures have been recorded subconsciously in his mind. The effects of this use of his power can be easily blocked by anyone that wants to regardless of their psychic aptitude.

He is capable of targeting multiple people simultaneously but doing so takes more concentration and the force of his ability on individuals is lessened for each additional person he splits his attention among. In order for Kei to use the full power of Bliss Maker he must be able to see his targets. The farther away from him they are the less effective his power is. The reverse is naturally true. His touch can be extremely debilitating and potentially lethal.

His power can be resisted but it is hard to do so when it is applied unexpectedly or when a person has had no prior exposure to it. It cannot immediately cause great harm to anyone unless they have a very weak will or little psychic power or they are being touched by him. Pleasure created by Bliss Maker quickly fades after use unless Kei specifically wills it to last.

Physical Traits

Great Physical Shape:
Kei is naturally athletic and enjoys exercising. He’s got an impressive combination of strength, stamina and coordination for his age.
Self-Defence Training:
Kei’s learned a variety of combat techniques from multiple martial arts and has substantial real fighting experience.

Mental Traits

Academic Excellence: Kei isn’t the typical high-strung student at Azabu Academy. He does quite well in school and doesn’t find studying to be much of a hassle. He doesn’t really like it either though.

Notable Equipment:

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