Kamakura Mei

Tokiwadai Middle School, Judgement

Family Name Kamakura
Given Name Mei
Aliases Kirby-chan~
Level 3
Gender Female
Age 15


With numerous multi-colored beads in her hair, pink stickers on all her accessories and a perpetually chatty mouth, Kamakura Mei is a character one would definitely associate with the term 'larger than life'. Because she certainly acts a lot larger than she actually is. A small (as in, 4'10 small), slight girl with long black hair and green eyes, she could certifiably be called 'cute', in a girlish, slightly hyperactive way.

She is half-Japanese, half-Chinese, and judging by her mostly pleasant disposition, she is from a happy family. She idolises Kasusa Sakurako as the ideal Judgement agent and dispenser of justice-Whilst ignoring her flaws, obviously.


Mei is a girl given to tempestuous changes in mood-At times, she can be sweet and friendly and kind and incredibly bubbly-Which, fortunately, is the way she normally is-Or, she could be incredibly fierce and forceful, not at all afraid to visit harm on the offender (or her team-mate, Shirogane Len). Whilst the red-faced, tip-toed, shrieking unbridled fury coming from such a tiny girl may look amusing-Even cute, one should beware; her wrath could blow you away. Literally.

Esper Ability:Breath Hammer

Basic Function

Breath Hammer-Meis' Esper Power and the one which has earned her her much-hated nickname. Generating massive hammerspaces in her lungs, she can inhale vast quantities of air with ease, and expel them with great force. Currently, she can temporarily generate gale-force winds, throwing people catching the full brunt of her power dozens of feet.

She accomplishes this by manipulating the pressure gradients inside the hammerspaces in her lungs.

Her power, coincidentally, gives her a most comical appearance when she hyperventilates, as she inhales and exhales with a force that an ordinary human would not be able to imitate-Which she does frequently, when in distress.

Physical Traits

Frail: Mei is neither a physically powerful or resilient girl.

Judgement Training: She is relatively skilled at Judgement-style martial arts, though.

Adorable (Maybe): Most people, particularly boys, would find it hard to hit her, in the same way they'd find it hard to strike a little girl. Which she is. Mei, however, has no such reservations about hitting them.

Mental Traits

Hyperactive: Mei has too much energy at times, finding it difficult to sit down and focus on something unless the need is really pressing. Conversely, it is also very difficult to tire her out, a fact which Shirogane Len loathes.

Singing Voice: She also has, perhaps thanks to her power, a marvelous singing voice. Curiously, despite her brashness in virtually every other field, she is very shy about displaying this trait.

Clever: But not overly so. She can keep up at Tokiwadai, without excessive study.

Mentally Stable: Unlike many other Espers, Mei is mentally very sound; in virtually every way save her involvement with Judgement and her power, she is the image of a happy teenage girl living a happy teenage life.

Tsundere: There are some who say she is this with her teammate, frequently abusing him and then acting all apologetic (and then giving him lunch). She will explode in your face if you mention this, however.

Notable Equipment:

Handphone: Functions as a PDA and a Smartphone, with projected holographic screen and keyboard.
Judgement Armband: Which she often proudly wears.
Various Cute and Pointless Accessories: Self-explanatory.
Pepper Spray: She carries a small can of this, largely at her overprotective fathers' request.