Jason Williams

Onizuka Middle School

Family Name Williams
Given Name Jason
Aliases None
Level 0
Gender Male
Age 14


Jason is an average looking boy. He has brown hair that could do with a haircut soon. He has brown eyes with some fragments of green in them as well. He wears a variety of clothing outside of his school uniform. However, regardless of his clothing, he will always wear a pin on his shoulder that looks like an american flag waving in the wind.


Jason is very curious about the world he lives in. Sometimes, he thinks about the physics and laws of how things work in the real world. Some may think of him as lazy since he is very rarely seen doing any sort of school work. However, he is able to perform exceptionally well and has recieved very high grades.

He likes to play any sport for fun, but doesn't like to join the school teams since the practice drills are anything but fun for him. He also is an excellent video game player, able to get the hang of a game almost immediately after he sits down to plays it.

He is friendly and kind, yet hasn't been able to get any friends from where he once lived in California. The place he moved to could be different…


Jason lived in California all his life. His mother is a brilliant scientist while his dad is a police officer. He picked up some basic martial arts from his dad since his father believes in the value of all people being able to protect themselves.

Recently, his mother's reputation spread throughout the scientific community and a job offering was given to her. The pay increase was greatly more significant and so she packed up the family and moved to Academy City.


-None so far-

Esper Ability

Basic Function

Additional Uses

Physical Traits

Jason has pretty good stamina and strength, which he uses for mainly sports. His speed and reaction time comes from basic martial arts training and lots of video games

__Physical Ability:

Mental Traits

Jason is highly intellegent with a good memory. He also speaks english very fluently, though may stutter in japanese here and there.

__Mental Trait:

Notable Equipment:

Jason carrys with him a japanese to english dictionary so he can translate anything in japanese he may not know. He also carrys a touch screen cell phone with a pad that slides out.