Jane Walker

Tokiwadai Middle School

Family Name Walker
Given Name Jane
Aliases None
Level Human
Gender Female
Age 15


Jane has shoulder length brown hair, while wearing a uniform matching headband. Her eyes are a dark green, that gives you the feeling she’s seeing right into your head. She has silver earrings in her ears and is about 170cm. At home she prefers to wear jeans and a lose sitting shirt, or a black skirt with jacket. Overall Jane is fairly attractive, though not abnormally good looking.


Jane is a sweet soft spoken person. Due to having read the minds of her parents and doctors a lot, she has gotten the believe that everybody is out for themselves and feels that people only like her powers for their own use. However, she feels like if she cannot trust anybody, she well just end up alone and hence is trying to show herself this believe is untrue, without using her powers.
Overall Jane is reluctant to use her powers. Feeling it invades other people’s privacy. She has picked up archery and swimming again, which she uses to unwind and relax. When something bothers Jane though, she is unlikely to speak out and usually keeps it to herself. This might lead eventually to her bursting out all of a sudden when pushed to far.

At school Jane tries her best to maintain good grades and doesn’t mind working hard for something she wants.


Esper Ability Open Mind

Basic Function

Open Mind in the most primitive form can be seen as Jane being the universal receiver for thoughts and memories that happen to across through someone’s time at the moment, like an antenna. She will experience these as if they were her own, in her own head. With practice and training Jane can turn off this transmitter and even send out signals of her own, interfering with their minds like a radio jamming signal. This power however seems to only work on humans. Due to the pressure this ability gave her when it was out of control, Jane was forced to either learn how to use them quickly or collapse under the burden. Leading to her reaching level 3 in just a few years, but having been stuck on that level for a long time.

Additional Uses

she can hear superficial thoughts while passing by people, if she doesn´t know a person (for example by talking to them, or knowing their AIM) she can’t influence them. If a connection has been made (meaning Jane I.E. has influenced someone’s memory) she can keep this up for an extended radius around it. To make a connection, the person has to be either touched or in a direct surroundings of her, which varies on her level.
For short: To actually influence a person, Jane needs to know this person and has to be in close proximity of said person. Once the influencing connection has been established, she can keep it up for a wider area.
The strength of Jane’s signal starts to drop after the target has crossed the ‘50% radius’. So if Jane is level 5, her influence over a person will drop once he is more then 7,5 kilometers away from her.
Espers have an easier time to fight Jane’s influence then normal humans. Also the further someone away is from Jane, the weaker the connection will be. Also Jane will have trouble influencing fellow telepaths, due to their similar powers.
If a person however is willing to give access to their mind, she can do whatever this person allows her to do. Someone could for example ask her to wipe out a grievous memory, it is unknown if such a willing wiping of the memory has any lasting effects. For nobody has been willing to do this.

Level 0
Able to read shallow memories and thoughts. Not able to ´shut it off´ (works on immediate surroundings)
Level 1
Able to read thoughts and memories. Can control this ability. (works on about a 500 meter radius)
Level 2
Able to read thoughts and memories and force her way into someone’s mind. Results in being able to communicate with the target. (Establishing a connection due to direct contact, but can keep an already established connection up for a 1 Kilometre radius)
Level 3
Able to read thoughts and memories and slightly able to change memories (Like making someone forget that stupid thing you just said or where they put their keys) and emotions (a person in front of you is mad at you, but you can calm him down). (Establishing a connection in 5 meter radius, but can keep an already established connection up for a 3 Kilometre radius)
Level 4
All of the above but adding ability to influence a persons memory seriously. Creating fake memories or deleting existent ones. (Establishing a connection in 10 meter radius, but can keep an already established connection up for a 7,5 Kilometre radius)
Level 5
Reading peoples memories and thoughts, brainwashing, telepathy, memory elimination, amplification of will, reproduction of thoughts. (Establishing a connection in 15 meter radius, but can keep an already established connection up for a 15 Kilometre radius)

Physical Traits

Swimmers physique: Due to swimming a lot, Jane has a healthy body and some endurance.
Cluts: Jane is extremely self aware and easily embarrassed. She easily trips, knocks things over or says the wrong thing.

Mental Traits

Universal understanding:: Due to her powers, Jane can instinctively understand all languages. However this doesn’t allow her to write, speak or read it. She can only understand speech.
Slight Paranoia: Due to her parents, Jane has a bit of a trouble trusting people. This makes it very tempting for her to double check whatever people tell her and to see if they don’t have hidden motives. However because she wants to learn how to trust, this is more a constant battle of not doing it.
Book wurm: Jane loves books and sees them as a way to focus her mind away from the constant temptation of reading other people’s worlds. Though the love of books might come from the fact that she spend most of her life in a book store. She can come across as quite a know it all, because ‘she read in a book once….’
Good aim: Due to her skills in archery, Jane has a good aim.

Notable Equipment:

Uniform: Except at home, Jane wears her uniform, having heard this was a requirement of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Hello Kitty Bagpack: Jane carries a big backpack with her that usually contains some schoolbooks, her wallet, food/drink, swim clothes and a towel.
Japanese for Dummies book: Jane tries very hard to grasp the language of speaking/reading/writing Japanese.