Ivaz Erizo

Currently unnamed Skill-Out gang

Family Name Erizo
Given Name Ivaz
Aliases None
Level 0, not an ESPer
Gender Female
Age 18


Ivaz has light blonde hair, cut short. She doesn't style it, so it kind of spikes out randomly. Like she got twelve noogies or something. Her eyes are hazel. She has a very feminine figure. She usually wears black leather boots, fishnet stockings, a plaid miniskirt held up by a wide black leather belt, a white buttoned shirt with only a couple buttons done, and black half-gloves. Her boots go up to her knees, and are held by three wide straps. They also have fairly thick soles, adding an extra three inches to her height.


Ivaz is not a nice person. She mostly lives to get what she wants. She will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill for it. She doesn't seem to care about anything else. Though she won't admit it, Ivaz is jealous of the ESPers.


Ivaz does not possess any special abilities. However, she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and knows her way around several small weapons.

Physical Traits

Ivaz's body does have some scars from her many fights. She doesn't seem to mind, however, given that her outfit tends to expose a lot of skin.

Mental Traits

Ivaz is kind of talented when it comes to tactics, though her lack of patience has been known to ruin her plans.

Notable Equipment:

Ivaz usually carries a hunting knife on her, slid into the back of her belt.