Ishimaru Moroe

GATE, Onizuka Middle School

Family Name Ishimaru
Given Name Moroe
Aliases Famine
Level 1
Gender Female
Age 15

Ishimaru Moroe is one of the many young killers created and nurtured by Academy City's darker side. A Child Error and failed Esper, she serves as both weapons expert and mechanic for the organisation known as GATE; One of five groups retained to handle matters which would tarnish the city's good name if they ever saw the light of day.


In most respects Moroe's appearance is that of a typical teenage girl. She's of average height, has short black hair and green eyes. Her casual clothes consist of a black t-shirt and jeans covered by a long leather coat; And the only unusual thing about her school uniform is that it has trousers instead of a skirt (an alteration for which she somehow gained official permission).

Her only real distinguishing feature is that she always looks a little unwell. Her face is somewhat pale, and she's thinner than is strictly healthy for a girl her age. But aside from that, Ishimaru Moroe blends in with her everyday surroundings just fine.


To strangers Moroe at first appears to be a curt and antisocial loner. She usually speaks in a disinterested monotone and acts as if human contact is just an unfortunate necessity. But the truth is that when she's actually left alone, she more often than not goes out in search of more people to ignore. Ishimaru Moroe may be antisocial, but she needs people around to be antisocial at.

Of course, all this is only what the casual observer will see. Those who manage to go further and break through Moroe's protective barrier of hostility may find two deeper selves: A surprisingly meek and insecure teenager with a deep seated fear of vulnerability; And a trained killer who tries to see the whole world as nothing more than a game. The knowledge that these two aspects can coexist is all too frequently the last thing that these seekers will ever learn before the bullet pierces their brain…


Matter of taste

Basic Function

This power can alter a person's perception of how good or bad specific foods taste…And that's it.

Physical Traits

Gun Fu: Moroe is highly skilled in the use of one handed and two handed firearms. Her speciality is the sniper rifle.
Tinkerer: Moroe can maintain and repair (but not build) a variety of tactical devices used by GATE, including remote controlled drones.

Mental Traits

Dual Focus: The ability to devote significant attention to two tasks at once. This useful trick allows Moroe to (for example) control a pair of remote drones which function as a team; Or simply to keep up a conversation with some random bystander while fighting a distant battle.
Soldier without an army: Moroe has received general training equivalent to that of a professional soldier, courtesy of Academy City's dark side.

Notable Equipment:

Handheld game console: This item functions as both a gaming platform and a remote control system. With it Moroe can see through the eyes of GATE's various mechanical drones and direct their movements.
Packet of cigarettes: Moroe has recently taken to smoking, and is rarely without a pack.