Ishida Tobio

Onizuka Middle School, Judgement

Family Name Ishida
Given Name Tobio
Aliases Sheer Cold
Level 3
Gender Male
Age 14


Tobio is a fairly good looking boy. He is no bishonen but he has good looks. Tobio is about 5'9 with a wiry figure. He has a habit of slouching a little bit with his head down so that his light blue hair covers his eyes. He is usually seen fiddling with it when he is nervous, which is nigh constantly. His light blue hair comes down to his eyes shielding thier shining silver color from the world. His skin color is a light tan showing that he does get quite a bit of sun.

His school uniform is not altered in anyway and he doesn't try to change it. When School ends he changes out of his uniform. His casual clothes consist of a black shirt with an orange vest over it. He wears black cargo pants and black sneakers with red stripes. He will then skate home on his orange skates with black stripes.


Tobio is very shy and speaks in a soft voice. He is not very good with his words except when he is speaking of something he has a great amount of conviction about. When around girls, especially beautiful ones, Tobio becomes a stammering mess and will blush almost uncontrollably. He will sputter out compliments and incomplete sentences until he decides to clam up. He is a very sweet boy and will help anyone who he sees that he thinks may need it. This is the reason he just joined Judgement. He wanted to help people in anyway that he could.

His personality has caused many people to call him soft and he is an easy bully victim because of his reluctance to hurt people to protect himself unless he could get seriously hurt. It is because of this that not many people take him seriously.


++ Esper Ability: Cryokinesis
+++ Basic Function
An offshoot of the ability Thermokinesis Tobio can use his power to subtract heat from any substance. He could cause objects to freeze over (Severely chilling object and the hydrogen and oxygen molecues around it) or create a freezing wind to debilitate his opponents. It also allows him to the make an excellent iced coffee. Also as a necessay secondary power he has the ability to take the heat energy that he takes from the enviornment and channel it into his body. Thus he has a resistance to heat as well as cold and he can hold mass amounts of heat. Enough to where he can melt things by touching them. (Conservation of energy). However when not in battle he will divert this heat into the ground to that he will not hurt other people. Also thanks to training his power he is able to sense temperatures of objects basically giving him a heat radar. His powers take about 3 seconds to start updue to him needing a great amount of concentration to not freeze something he shouldn't. He is reluctant to use his powers lethally. When he has to however he is capable of targeting the insides of his target.
+++ Additional Uses
Level 0: Tobio is capable of emitting a small aura of cold with a radius of 1 foot that will cause most people to shiver and hardier people to feel a slight chill. He always has minty fresh breath.

Level 1: Tobio aura of cold extends to a 5 foot radius and can get to a temperature of 20 degrees Celcius. He can conciously chill targets to 4 degrees Celcuis at a range of 10 feet.

Level 2: Tobio's Aura of cold now has a 10 foot radius and can get to a temperature of 10 degrees Celcius. He can conciously chill and targets to -10 degrees Celcius at a range of 40 feet. He body can rise to a tempurature of 90 degrees Celcuis

Level 3: At this Level Tobio's Aura of Cold is now 0 degrees Celcius and has a 20 foot radius that can be conciously reduced. He can now conciously freeze targets to -35 degrees Celcius at a range of 60 feet. His body temperature can get of to 110 degrees Celcuis causing burns and melting when he touches certain objects. At this level he is capable of targeting the inside of objects. With humans he can target the torso area

Level 4: This is when Tobio's abilities take a surprising turn: He Aura of Cold cand gets a real boost as he goes to -30 degrees Celcuis and has a 50 foot radius. He can conciusly freeze targets up to -100 degrees Celcius and with a range of 120 feet. His body can store temperatures up to 140 degrees Celcius. It is at this point that he can melt and freeze objects at a much higher rate. At this level he control is fine enough that he can target a certain organ in the torso area

Level 5: Tobio's aura of cold upgrades to -60 degrees Celcius and stays at the same radius however. However his Freezing abilities reach thier peak. His range increases dramitically to a range of 500 feet. However the truly impressive thing is the intensity of the cold that he can cause. He can freeze things up to -217.15 degrees Celcius. He can cause temperatures of Abolute Zero. His body temperature can only reach up to 180 degrees Celcius, and even that is pushing his limits. He can target any organ in the human body.
+++ Physical Traits

Athletic: Tobio skates almost everywhere and ice skates in his free time. He is very quick on his feet as well. He may not be the strongest individual but he is quick and athletic.
Skating: Tobio is a very skilled roller and ice skater. He is very good at these and uses them for transportation and recreation.
Extreme Dexterity: Tobio is capable of performing tricks in skating that only celebrities are usually seen pulling due to how hard he worked on them and how long he worked on them. As a result of this he became extremly dexterous on top of already being naturally dexterous. Even on foot and with his hands his dexterity shows through.

+++ Mental Traits

Incredible shyness: Tobio is a very shy individual and in front of pretty girls he becomes a stammering blushing mess. It gets him more than his fair share of teasing.
Strong sense of justice: Tobio believes in helping others and stopping criminals from hurting the innocent. It is why he joined Judgement albiet as a new member. He tries his best to not be a burden to others
Intense concentration: this is a necessity for his powers as a slip in concentration can be catostrophic.

Notable Equipment:

Handcuffs: These are necessary as he is part of Judgement
Roller and Ice Skates: He uses his skates for transportation and recreation ability.
Backpack: Used to carry his school supplies
Headset: His Judgement headset which allows him communication with other officers and with head quarters.
IPhone: An advanced phone that Tobio got from his parents for Christmas. It his parents words it was a present for two Christmas's so he wouldn't be getting anything next year.