Inoue Tsubasa

Tokidawa Middle School, Judgement

Family Name Inoue
Given Name Tsubasa
Aliases Wind Rider
Level 4
Gender Female
Age 15


Tsubasa is a tall girl, with long, brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin. She generally wears a serious expression, and is considered quite pretty (although not quite beautiful). She generally complies with the Tokidawa dress code, with the sweater/dress shirt/skirt combination, although she wears running shorts underneath the skirt (in her own words, 'I have no intention of giving someone a panty shot when I use my abilities). She also has a thigh pouch where she keeps two pairs of handcuffs and her Judgement armband (which she only pulls on when she's actually performing her duties as a member of Judgement).


Tsubasa is, for the most part, a kind person. She has a strong sense of justice, and views her powers as a gift- the reason why she joined Judgement in the first place was mainly so she could use that gift to protect others who aren't as fortunate. To a degree, she seems distant when people first meet her- mainly because she has trouble adjusting to new social situations, and is very careful around people she doesn't know. She does open up a bit when people get to know her, and while she's always slightly socially awkward- at times getting fixated on a particular subject- she's able to deal with people pretty well. That said, new circumstances do freak her out.


Esper Ability: Wind Rider

Basic Function

The control of air, specifically wind, in a wide area around Tsubasa

Additional Functions
With effort, can be used to create highly pressurized gusts of wind, ala the Razor Wind trope (Level 3 and above only- simply can't get the wind to go fast enough below this)
Can also be used for the capability of flight (Level 5 only without anything to glide with, level 3 and above if using something capable of gliding with)

Level 1: Can greate small gusts of wind, only up to 3 liters in volume at a time, and can only move it slowly, at about 5 kilometers an hour. Not really noticeable.

Level 2: Can manipulate larger volumes of wind, up to 10 liters in volume, and can create a windspeed of up to 10 kilometers an hour.

Level 3: Can manipulate a large amount of wind at this level, up to all the air in a building (although she does need to be able to see it) and is capable of making a steady wind of 20 kilometers an hour, or alternatively, powering a small volume of air at an incredibly high pressure, such that it is capable of physically cutting objects- at this level, however, she cannot cut anything harder than a soft wood.

Level 4: Capable of manipulating massive amounts of air, potentially several buildings, and is capable of making the wind go at almost 60 kilometers an hour. Razor Wind gusts are capable of slicing small amounts of metal.

Level 5: Capable of affecting an entire city block, and windspeed can easily approach hurricane level. Razor Wind gusts capable of cutting up to a meter of concrete, or an equivalent strength barrier.

Physical Traits

Endurance: Tsubasa is very fit, being able to sustain a running speed of ten kilometers an hour for almost two hours (although she will not be able to do anything else afterwards).

Mental Traits

Focused: Tsubasa is extremely focused, especially when in danger.


Standard Judgement Gear: Two pairs of handcuffs, and a Judgement armband- nothing special.
Glider Backpack: Tsubasa has had a backpack made which can extend a pair of wings in order to take advantage of her power's possibility of enabling flight. However, she doesn't normally carry it unless she's on Judgement duties (and was expecting to be).