Hitsushi Tsutomu

Judgment, Onizuka Middle School

Family Name Hitsushi
Given Name Tsutomu
Aliases None
Level 2
Gender Male
Age 15


Hitsushi is an overweight individual; it would not be unfair to call him big-boned. He stands at an impressive 6'0" at his age. His hair is black and fairly messy, his bangs are often pulled to the side to prevent them from getting in his eyes. When not wearing the standard uniform he usually wears a large dark shirt with jeans.


Hitsushi is a kind individual, and doesn't mind most comments about his weight. Though if someone persists with the insults or is too offensive then he will take action. He is very protective of his few friends. He usually remains quiet, he doesn't want to draw any more attention to himself; his size does that enough on its own. It is also common knowledge that he has some unknown crush on someone, and he denies it whenever asked.


Hitsushi used to take Karate, but quit a while back. He still remembers some basics. He does well in school, except for Phys Ed. Hitsushi is interested in Physics and English classes. He can play the guitar pretty well.

Esper Ability: Neutral Force

Basic Function

Hitsushi can meet any force with an equal and opposite force, effectively neutralizing its momentum. Punches land harmlessly on his skin, having no force behind him. However to use this power he has to be aware of the attack. There is a limit to how much he can neutralize. He can currently neutralize almost any punch. If a car would hit him he could slow it down over a couple of seconds, though this is very draining on his endurance. To block something he would need to be able to put that much force in. (So he would have to use the energy required to throw one punch to block one punch. He cannot muster up the force of a car, so he can only try to slow it down.)

He can neutralize a force with any part of his body if he is able to put sufficient force behind it. (He could neutralize more with his fist or foot than with his head, for instance.) The aura can emanate two inches off of his skin. Faster objects are in his aura for less time, so he can't slow a very fast object such as a bullet.

Additional Uses

Eventually he will be able to create blasts of concussive force using his aura. Though this means he will not be that good at defending. He will also eventually be able to reflect attacks instead of just neutralizing them.