Hazuma Takeshi

Onizuka High School, Judgment

Family Name Hazuma
Given Name Takeshi
Aliases Black Cat
Level 2 (or 3 depending on the last System Scan)
Gender Male
Age 16


Takeshi is a standard youth, though slightly thin and seems almost nervous or expectant at all times. Takeshi is a rather typical looking boy of average height, with long black hair pulled back into a pony tail, though his bangs fall into his face constantly.


He tends to be outspoken and loud and is widely known as a prankster in both Judgment and his high school both. Takeshi doesn’t talk about his home life much, though his teachers and captain in Judgment know that his mother died early on in his life. Though Takeshi is a member of Judgment, he is quite well known to be a bit of a slacker, working only when it's absolutely required of him, though when on a mission he's equally well known for going to extreme lengths to complete each job thoroughly, hounding secondary jobs linked up with the original mission. Due to his power, Takeshi's involvement in any given mission has a high chance of causing considerable collateral damage, even if he didn't intend to.


Continuum Shift

Basic Function

Takeshi’s AIM field exists as a singularity, intersecting all possible realities instantly and constantly. This power can either manifest as a conscious power or act on its own subconsciously depending on the time the power is used. Most often Continuum Shift is on its subconscious level, affecting the world around him in strange, sometimes good sometimes bad ways. To the casual observer, Takeshi’s power seems to be one of luck and chance, though this is far from the truth. In reality, Takeshi’s power is based around causality, pulling events and objects from other worlds he intersects into his own world. At this time, the power in its subconscious state can only cause minor occurrences; shifting him to sometimes disastrous end results (like winding up in the girls change room). As a Gemstone, Takeshi’s AIM Field is stronger than artificially created Espers. This also means he is easier to detect by his AIM field.

Additional Uses

Causing events drains Takeshi of his energy depending on how big an event he is attempting to cause is. Minor things such as locks changing to unlocked states, or punches missing take a moderate level of thought and energy, while stopping cars from hitting him, or other such large scale disasters drain him swiftly.

Physical Traits

Tough: Due to the world seemingly acting out against him most times, Takeshi has become a rather tough kid, capable of taking more than a few punches.
Karate: Takeshi is a practitioner of the Ishin Ryu school of Karate, receiving his brown belt before joining Judgment.

Mental Traits

High Alert: Takeshi notices changes in his surroundings almost even before they happen. This is also a drawback, as Takeshi seems almost paranoid or dodgy.

Speed Formulation: Because of his subconscious power, Takeshi has become adept at thinking on his feet at all times, and in combination to his high alertness, never seems out of his element or taken by surprise even by sudden changes in his surroundings.

Notable Equipment:

Cigarettes: Takeshi is never without a pack of cigarettes. He is even known to use his power to refill his pack when it becomes empty.

Cell Phone: Takeshi is always in possession of a phone, though the number changes randomly as does the phone, so it is more important as a mode to contact other people, not for return calls. Those who attempt to do this every now and again will reach other phone owners from around Japan.