Harada Rin

Tokiwadai Middle School

Family Name Harada 原田
Given Name Rin 凛
Aliases None
Level Human
Gender Female
Age 15


White haired and skinned, and possessed of violet eyes, Rin is resistant to sunlight because of her powers. Though melanin is not absent in her body, she does not have a need for it- thus, color is only barely present in her appearance. Along with this oddity, Rin has delicate and refined features which were only emphasized in her wealthy and sheltered upbringing.

Slender and tall, but lacking in weight (and thus significant curves), Rin's aloof and aristocratic appearance is further augmented by expensive but subdued clothing and a perfect posture. She seems untouchable and elegant, a perfect example of Tokiwadai.


At least… until you get to know her. Rin's appearance contrasts her personality almost completely. Curious, cheerful, and friendly, Rin seems like she'd be more at home in a playground than the home she came from. She displays numerous vestiges of her wealthy life, mostly in terms of ignorance of how things really work and how to do things on her own, but is eager to learn and perform even the most tedious chores with a rather excessive vigor.

Someone will very quickly learn that Rin is extremely sheltered and fairly naive, but this manifests in curiosity and unshakable optimism rather than timidity and fear. This is perhaps explained by the confidence her astounding level of power lends her.

Innocent, and kind and generous to a fault, Rin is more likely to get in trouble by someone taking advantage of her or through her own curiosity than intentional trouble making or mischief. No matter what she's doing, it's quite likely that Rin means no harm- and if she is getting something wrong, it's probably a terrible misunderstanding on her part.

Still, though she might be a little tiring or even annoying, the core of Rin's personality is selfless and confident. When it matters, Rin will direct her boundless energy, optimism, and powers to accomplish whatever needs to be done to help everyone around her.

Esper Ability: Radiance Genesis

Basic Function

Radiance Genesis is the ability Rin possesses to manipulate light emitting properties in regards to herself. In simpler terms, this grants her the ability to generate vast quantities of light from her body in many varying ways. The distinction is made in that she can alter such properties that she already has- the simplest way this manifests is that Rin can cease emitting the infrared light that naturally accompanies body heat. However, as of yet nothing but her ability to raise her light generating capabilities has proven useful, for obvious reasons.

As suiting someone of her level, Rin has few limits on the way her power can manifest. She can emit light from all portions of her body and from her AIM field (thus allowing her to generate light a very short distance away from her body) in all directions at once, in multiple select directions, or single directions, anything from massive beams to incredibly thin rays. She may emit wavelengths that range anywhere between Infrared to Ultraviolet, and of intensities between imperceptible to light potent enough to vaporize metal. More impressive, Rin can combine these factors, allowing her to generate multiple lights of varying colors and intensities.

While the most obvious use of such powers is offensive, the research of Rin and Academy city have been directed towards identifying other uses of her power, and she has slowly gathered a suite of smaller abilities that her light generating powers allow her. Despite this, most know her for the devastating power that Radiance Genesis holds.

Additional Uses

Rin's body and AIM field also display a one way resistance to her own powers and similar effects, allowing her to manifest even the strongest rays without harm to herself or her clothing. Further, by distorting the form of this resistance, Rin has found herself capable of creating lasers- though impressive, there is little practical reason for her to do so, given the intensity of light she can already create. Using the natural properties of UV light, Rin can also detect varying substances (most interesting being bodily fluids such as blood). Lastly, her resistance is sensitive enough that she can identify light that touches her field- giving her the capability to 'see' Infrared and Ultraviolet light as well as normal wavelengths, as well as distinguish minute qualities about them (such as approximate wavelength). Among other things, this gives her a semi-effective form of heat vision, and more amusingly, allows her to identify the patterns of infrared remotes and replicate them with a bit of time and experimenting.

It is theorized that with her abilities, Rin could replicate the effects of an EMP- but as she cannot create Gamma Rays, the required output of light would be massive. Thus, the heat produced by such an attempt would be too destructive to make the small effect she could produce worthwhile.

Other Traits

Physical Traits

Totally weak! Don't expect Rin to pick up much more than a pillow. If you ask her to though, she'll definitely give it her best shot, as amusingly pathetic as it'll be.

Poor vision! Probably due to her lack of melanin, Rin has slightly below average vision. She doesn't technically need glasses, but will often have to squint at things further away from her. She's too embarrassed to admit this though; luckily it doesn't really cause her many problems due to it being so minor.

Needles! She may not be strong or the best sight, but Rin knows how to use a needle. Embroidery, sewing- she can do it all, and quicker than anyone else, too. Just one of few skills she picked up so she could be a 'proper' lady. Ironically, she uses it mostly to make silly and cheery pictures.

Mental Traits

Boundless Optimism! It's very hard to get Rin to give up hope on even insignificant matters. It's much better to just distract her with something interesting or shiny. In more serious matters, Rin won't ever lose her hope and confidence- she'll give even the fight against overwhelming odds her best shot.

Polyglot! She may not know how to prepare food or even wash clothing without ordering a maid to do it for her, but Rin knows an impressive list of languages for someone her age: Japanese, English, Spanish, German, and French. Apparently she showed an enthusiasm and aptitude for learning other languages, and her parents thereafter paid for an extraordinary number of tutors to teach her in her spare time.

Notable Equipment:

Money! While almost everyone has a little money to carry around, Rin's parents make sure she is constantly supplied with as much as she (and possibly the rest of her dorm, for that matter) might ever need. There is no such thing as too expensive for Rin, though Rin doesn't seem to realize the level of benefit this is, as she takes it for granted.