Fuschichou Souji [DEAD]


Family Name Fushichou
Given Name Souji
Aliases 2796, Astraphobia
Level 4
Gender Male
Age 13


Souji wears a school uniform, which clearly doesn't belong to him. He has a pair of striking silver eyes, and rather well tended to silver hair, cropped in an appropriate style. Souji is rather slender, having a thin build and being of a rather tall height for his age. He has a rather care free expression permanently attached to his face.


Souji is easily amused, and seems curious about any and everything. His wide eyes and discharming smile allow him easy access to a variety of things that boys his age usually wouldn't be allowed near. Souji is rarely serious about anything, laughing and joking about things that frighten even the hardest of criminals.



Control over electricity.

Souji can manipulate electricity to his will. There are drawbacks, of course. When manipulating a high amount of electricity through his body, Souji often experiences massive pain, and ends up vomiting blood. The human body was not made to withstand lightning strikes, nor was it designed as an electric current. Souji can control electrical appliances to a mild degree, and has a static field surrounding him at all times. This field, if Souji is frustrated or concentrates, can erase phones, cameras, video cameras, and destroy nearby electrical appliances.

Level 1: Souji can manipulate electrical appliances. Evoking electricity is doable, albeit quite difficult.
Level 2: Souji can use electrical appliances to shock people. Feels like that feeling when you shock yourself on a carpet or what not. Evoking electricity becomes stronger.
Level 3: Souji can manipulate the electricity inside of appliances to the outside world, and use it as a weapon. His evoking of electricity has increased enough that he can draw power from his own body, rather than his surroundings.
Level 4: Souji's manipulation increases exponentially. He can now use the innate electricity created by balloons and such to power his own attacks, and can grasp and throw things using his electrical ability. However, he can only throw things that operate on electricity. Such as train rails, electric toothbrushes, et cetera. Evoking is far easier, and he can now form shapes with his electricity, as well as direct electric currents within his own body. His evoking of electricity now has far more than enough voltage to harm his opponents.
Level 5: In the event of a storm, Souji can now control that electricity. In addition, he can now manipulate things with even the slightest amount of electricity, such as a shoe with a slight electric charge from a carpet. His evoking is now strong enough that he can do basically whatever the hell he wants with electricity, from forming lightning bolts to electromagnetism manipulation. However, when first emerging as a Level 5, Souji would not be able to manipulate electromagnetism at all, so it would be back to basics, as his power would function in a completely different way. Souji's evoking could now have more than enough to kill an enemy. However, the drawback is his now erratic AIM Field, which could harm nearby allies, and cause great harm to himself.

Additional Uses

Might destroy electronics if he grows frustrated.

Physical Traits

Slender Physique: Souji's wiry and tall for his age, and he uses it to his advantage.
Weird Eyes: Souji's eyes are silver, the exact same shade as his hair.
Tattooed Breast: On the upper left side of his chest is a series of four numbers, 2796, in a sort of barcode number style.


Swords!: Souji is rather decent at kendo, and as such owns a bokken, which he carries most places.
Gambling!: Souji appears to have the Devil's own Luck when it comes to gambling, winning game after game when even the odds state he should lose.
Pianist!: Souji plays the piano with a bit of skill, and sometimes picks up odd jobs as a pianist.

Notable Equipment:

"That's no sword…": Souji's bokken is much more than it seems. inside is a slender electric conduit which he can use to manipulate his ability through. However, the wood dulls the effect of being shocked by electricity to a great degree.