Fukui Yori

Head Developer on G.E.A.R. Project

Family Name Fukui
Given Name Yori
Aliases None
Level 4
Gender Male
Age Nineteen


Yori is not easy on the eyes. Due to a horrible mishap when he was younger where he lost control of his esper powers under stress, he is missing a fair portion of his body-He is missing his right ear and his head is misshapen due to a ceramic plate in his forhead that replaces a chunk of his skull. He is bald, since he cannot grow hair on that part of his head, and so shaves the rest of his head to match. He usually wears a hat to cover this fact. His face is thin and his mouth is curled in perpetual contempt. He has watery brown eyes that seem to constantly ask "Why are you bothering me?".

Yori is tall, almost two meters, and is rail thin due to poor diet and lack of exercise. His right arm below the elbow and his right leg above the knee have been replaced by prosthetics, which, interestingly enough, are often unjointed, as he 'bends' them with his powers, warping space so that his knee can bend and his fingers can move, which means the prosthetics can be much sturdier than normal. He often swaps out his hand for more suitable prosthetics on the fly, having several different hands for all occasions. As such, he moves almost naturally, albeit with a bit of a limp, and sometimes uses a cane when he is feeling lazy so he doesn't need to concentrate on moving his leg.

He prefers funtional, efficient clothing, for everyday wear, like cargo pants and t-shirts, but owns a piece or two of nicer clothing for formal occasions and other, more… specialized gear for when he needs to confront people or complete some of his more difficult objectives.


Yori is a man with a mission, and that mission does not include you bothering him. He is abrupt to the point of rudeness and treats those around him with contempt. He is slow to anger and methodical to the point of obsession. He favors efficient words and concise, accurate speech, as he does not like to waste time or breath on things he deems trivial. His confidence in his ability to achieve his goals is seconded only by his hubris, as he feels that there is nobody who is capable of doing what it takes to defeat him; He is utterly ruthless, an opportunist, a liar, a cheat, and is willing to do anything is pursuit of his aims, and feels that unless somebody is willing to throw away everything to get something done they shouldn't bother in the first place.


Esper Ability: Infinity Edge (Dimensional Mastery)
Yori has mastery over three-dimensional space. He can bend it to alter local gravity or divert projectiles, fold it to instantly move objects from one place to another or link two points in space, or stretch it to put distance between two points. He can also compress space to launch objects like a spring, to crush things, or cause matter to overlap (something that tends to be rather dangerous-unlike most teleportation abilities, which displace the matter they interact with, matter overlapping tends to create fissile material). Yori can also shear space in one or more dimensions to temporarily fuse objects together or cut them apart.

Yori has a fondness for using his powers to take shortcuts across the city and uses it to move his prosthetic limbs. In combat, he often creates a massive gulf of space around him to intercept incoming attacks, causing them to peter out harmlessly as they are forced to suddenly cross miles of empty space in the span of a few inches, and lets his opponents tire themselves out while he ignores them and goes about his business. Dangerous foes are usually subjected to a dimensional shear, as it's a rapid and difficult to stop method of assault.

Because of his power, Yori is hyperaware of his surroundings-he can 'feel' the spatial presence of everything in space around him.

Physical Traits

Crippled: Despite his powers, Yori is still missing an arm and a leg. It's rather obvious that he needs the replacement leg, too-he limps when he walks.
Blademaster: Yori dislikes using his powers for anything he deems non-critical, citing it as a waste of energy, and consequently has developed a fondness for Balisong knives, due to the skill needed to wield one and the fear that they can generate. He is usually carrying at least one, concealed somewhere on his person, and is an excellent knife fighter.

Mental Traits

Egocentric: Yori is more important than you, or so he would claim. He is quick to tell people they are doing things wrong and highly resistant to advice from others. In addition, he has a dismissive and disdainful personality, brushing off other people and their issues as trivial, while demanding respect and attention in return.
Pragmatic: As arrogant as he is, Yori is fully aware that the best solution to some problems isn't to confront them head on and alone, but to instead quietly murder them in their sleep. He has no compunctions about any of his actions and is willing to do what he deems necessary to suceed.
Worldwise: While he isn't a super genius like some people are, and while he doesn't memorize every book he reads, Yori is adept at applying what he DOES know to real-world situations. and is quick to adapt when things go wrong.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Balisong Knife: It's sharp, dangerous, and shiny. Pointy bit goes away from self.
Prosthetic Arm: It's an arm. A solid mass of… something, probably a titanium and carbon fiber composite.
Prosthetic Leg: It's a leg. Probably built the same way as the arm.